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The Voice recap: Some Like It Kat

Three contestants go home, shaving the Top 8 down to a mostly deserving Top 5. But explain, America: why do you love Kat so!?

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The Voice

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WHOA. Well, that happened.

Sisaundra had to go eventually, and I’ve certainly made my peace with it, but I’m relatively shocked that Audra (not Kristen) and Delvin (not Kat) didn’t stick around longer than their parentheticals. Delvin doesn’t offer as much intrigue as someone like Josh or Christina, sure, but he certainly deserved a spot in the Top 5 ahead of Kat.

Let’s backtrack. I was half-wrong last night when I predicted our bottom four would include Sisaundra, Kristen, Kat, and Christina. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Kristen and Christina ended up safe—you can never underestimate the American heartland and its obsession with vests (Kristen) and laser tag (Christina). But a part of me was gleeful to see Kat pay the price and the Sisaund-Bot 300 finally short circuit. Both should have been in the bottom for completely different but valid reasons.

As for the other two—Delvin and Audra—those were slightly larger shocks. Based on your reactions last night, Delvin really sucked. I’m cool with that. But Audra continues to get better and better each week, so it was a genuine surprise that she landed at the bottom tonight and ultimately went home.

Why are three artists leaving tonight instead of the usual two? Well, much like many of the decisions this season, we really don’t get an explanation and are likely expected not to care. Last year, we went from the Top 8 to a Top 6, then Top 5, then Top 3; this year, we’re skipping right ahead to the semi-final five, perhaps in an effort to end the season as quickly as possible? There is that new Katherine Heigl show to apparently start getting buzzy about, after all, and I suppose America’s Got Talent has to come back on the air for some reason. Sigh. I’d rather listen to Bria Kelly singing Nordic hymns than suffer through one more summer of AGT. Oh well, on to The Voice!

After Kristen, Kat, Audra, and Jake (the Country Crew, apparently) hootenanny their way through The Band Perry’s “Chainsaw,” we get our first save, the inevitable championship artist that is Josh Kaufman. Could Josh win this entire thing? Yes, probably. I’d like to call it now, but you can never underestimate the power of Jake to knock him out of the top spot. Someone country will go head to head with Josh and another artist (Christina?) in the finale.

Kristen Merlin gets the next save, and Shakira is utterly thrilled—she’s still in the game! I guess I underestimated how much of the country would connect to Kristen’s “I Drive Your Truck” last night; even if I didn’t feel it, I’m not very surprised that others did.

Brief intermission: I tear up because Carson Daly’s mom is the most adorable. Then I cry even harder because Carson starts talking about Oprah’s line of tea at Starbucks and suddenly my compassion has vanished.

Our third save is a Team Adam candidate, one Christina Grimmie. I thought maybe she’d fall into the bottom this week—not that I wanted her to, mind you—but alas, wrong again.

Christina, Delvin, Josh and Sisaundra—The Random Non-Country Crew, I suppose—sing Disclosure’s “Latch,” which is really sung by Sam Smith, who is basically everything Josh Kaufman is, only more Boy Georgian. Of course, during the performance, Sisaundra does her I-refuse-to-blend thing. I think Christina and Josh probably come off best here, not that they even needed to.

Save number four goes to Jake Worthington. You can stop squeezing your teddy bear so hard now, everyone. That means our bottom four is singing for their lives.

Sisaund-Bot 3000 comes out singing “Natural Woman,” and of course we get all the power that we’ve come to expect of Sisaundra without any of the emotion (also a thing we’ve come to expect of Sisaundra). Audra’s next doing The Band Perry’s “Done,” and really, Audra shouldn’t be in the bottom—she’s far too good to be eliminated, and certainly a more potent country singer than Kristen Merlin. Third up is Kat, who comes out looking like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice and screaming like she’s summoning him, followed by Delvin doing a fair if unexciting rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Young Girls.”

I’m obviously outnumbered in my distaste for Kat because she goes on to win the Twitter #VoiceSave for the second week in a row. Please, enlighten me on why Kat is interesting, and let’s remember that a great arrangement does not a good performer make.

With that, our Top 5 is set: Kristen Merlin (sure, why not?), Christina Grimmie (a dark horse to win), Josh Kaufman (let’s just engrave the trophy now), Jake Worthington (and give him first runner-up), and Kat Perkins (ain’t no way she’s making it to the finals).

Do you agree with tonight’s results? Does the Top 5 satisfy your wishes? Who do you think will make it into the Top 3? Sound off!