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The Voice recap: Live Top 12 Eliminations

The very first Instant Save of the season goes to…

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The Voice

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The second live results show of the season didn’t feature those bloated flashbacks to past performances like last week. Instead, we got pageant questions posed to nearly every contestant and coach throughout the episode. I know that overwrought suspense is the bread and butter of these totally inflated results episodes, but hearing twelve canned, bland, and pre-planned responses to Carson’s softball queries had me bored to tears.

To start the night, Amy Vachal tells us what Adam’s support means to her (“everything”), and Barrett Baber tells us what his family’s support means to him (“their dreams are my dreams”). Everyone on stage seems to experience a momentary delusion that they’re competing for Miss America. But soon enough, the first two contestants to move ahead are announced: It’s Jordan Smith and Jeffery Austin. No surprise, considering they both cracked the iTunes Top 10. They’re carted off to wherever Voice royalty are sequestered during the week, while the remaining peons must continue standing awkwardly on stage, pretending to be happy for them.

Following the first round of saves, all four coaches get their chance to compete for the title of Least Substantive Soundbite. Blake is the only one with anything real to say. When Carson asks him what he hoped America saw in his team last night, Blake says, “I hope they saw there’s potential in all of them, not just on this show but moving forward after. All three of them, I can envision them having careers after The Voice.” Hint, hint, America: Blake wants you to still care about these people several weeks from now.

Next, Carson asks Mark Hood what other sides he’ll show America next (“I’ll show more sides of myself.” Not an answer, Mark, not an answer). Madi Davis expounds on how Pharrell instilled confidence in her (“by choosing me”). Then, the next two saves are announced: it’s Emily Ann Roberts (who giggles like a creepy doll for one frightening moment) and Madi Davis. All four teams now have at least one safe artist.

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The first group performance of the night comes courtesy of Team Blake, which sings Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me.” At least the banjo instrumental and the singers’ twangs make the rendition sound a little fresher, but they’re not fooling anyone: This is a lame song choice. It’s a good thing there’s little likelihood tonight’s eliminated singer will come from this team, so we’ll get to hear them all together again. Just like last week, their voices meld seamlessly, and coming off her save, Emily Ann has one of her best solos so far.

And then, we’re back to more filler. It would “mean the world” to Zach Seabaugh to continue in the competition, and Evan McKeel declares The Voice has taught him to “do what you love and love what you do.” Three more of America’s saves are then announced: Braiden Sunshine (who never gets his pageant moment, poor thing), Barrett Baber, and Amy Vachal, who was the third artist to muster an iTunes Top 10.

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