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'The Voice' recap: 'The Knockouts, Part 3'

Christina cashes in her last steal and it’s the last Knockout stop before the live shows.

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Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice

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Last week I was fooled, yet again, by not anticipating the dreaded Voice montage; tomorrow’s final episode before the live shows will be another recap hour. That meant that at the end of tonight, the teams were finalized, and there was never any need to fret about Christina’s last Steal, we knew all along when it would awarded, who it would be going to, and the last time Carson would mention it before the real thing: approximately 9:54 p.m. EST, whoever wasn’t picked in the final Knockout, and right before the last commercial break so there wouldn’t be a single ounce of suspense or urgency in the final Knockout pairing whatsoever, respectively.

Oh well, at least Christina was quick about it. Hers wasn’t the biggest Steal of the season, but it cemented what the coaches have proven time and time again in Season 8, that they’re looking for potential over polish this time around. And Nate Ruess’ multiple raw musical outbursts tonight somehow felt like foreshadowing that the coaches have been making the right choice in the regard. The last two Knockout rounds never quite lived up to the talent explosion that was the Knockouts premiere, but you can rest easy knowing that we’re headed into the Live shows with many a plausible winner. Tonight saw a few more audition standouts and a few surprise power players who have come along over the last few rounds, head out into the Live yonder where mystery Starbucks liquids grow freely, and Christina changes into a new statement lipstick and matching blouse every single night. What wonders we’re headed toward!

Check out the end of the recap for the full team rosters going into the live rounds next week, and tune into The Voice tomorrow if you want to watch performances that you literally just watched 24 hours ago.

TEAM ADAM: Tonya Boyd Cannon, “I Wish” vs. Barry Minniefield, “What You Won’t Do for Love”
In a Nutshell: Serious energy, seriously powerful voices, and infectious personalities, both of ‘em.
The Performances: At first, I wondered if Barry should sing something a little more contemporary this time to prove himself as a dynamic artist, but he showed every bit of a new side to himself on the Bobby Caldwell classic by topping out his range with as much power as ever; it was really gratifying to see him realize he had more in him than even he knew. And then Tonya came out with an equally vivacious performance, turned her soul groove up to the max, and made this a pretty evenly matched Knockout.
Winner: But Adam had to choose and he chose Tonya because he thinks she appreciates each aspect of this competition.
TEAM BLAKE: Brooke Adee, “Electric Feel” vs. Kelsie May, “Tim McGraw”
In a Nutshell: Sixteen and (Handling the) Pressure
The Performances: For Kelsie May, who has proved herself to be a singer well beyond her years so far, this just wasn’t a great song choice. Taylor Swift’s first big hit is very sweet, but her early stuff isn’t known for showing off vocal range, and for some reason Kelsie’s vocal was extra pitchy tonight. Brooke, on the other hand, seems to have come out of nowhere with a ton of power and control over a particularly trick song to perform live. With the voice and the romper and the working the stage, Brooke started looking like a (previously montaged) pop star tonight.
Winner: Brooke because Blake says she gave a pretty flawless performance with an extra something special that needs to be kept around.

NEXT: The Knockout’s final Steal and a surprising recipient…