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The Voice recap: Blind auditions, part 3

There’s no spelling ‘superstar’ without ‘team.’ Blind auditions roll on…

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The Voice Timyra Joi

The Voice

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Happy blind audition hump day!

We’re getting closer to the Battle Rounds after last night’s new additions. Instead of stocking up solely on superstars, the judges now have to think holistically, choosing singers according to how they’ll fit within their teams. “I feel like everyone on my team is different and I like that,” said Adam. “This year I wanna do something different,” said Blake, adding that last year he “built a country army.”

Although tonight’s new batch were all surprisingly terrific, there was no four-chair-salute or contestant of Tessanne-vocal-proportions (perhaps Timyra-Joi?)

Also, is anyone getting the slightest bit annoyed by Blake’s same old line about being a three-peat winner? Yes, it’s impressive and true, but it’s quickly becoming the equivalent of Tyra Banks’ robotic “You’re still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model” spiel. Good thing he decided to switch it up and actually bring his trophies in to do the talking, much to the other judges’ chagrin.

Semi-famous contestant: Briana Cuoco, sister of Kaley Cuoco (last week was E.G. Daily)

Best one-liner: “No man that wears that outfit is in a humble position,” said Adam on a certain judge’s Thriller-jacket.

Now the new crop…

RAY BOUDREAUX, 25, of Louisiana, is a single dad to adorable daughter Audrey (he remains friends with her mother). He’s got a buttery, smooth Paolo Nutini-like voice with the looks of a Ken doll. He mows lawns on the side and flying to the blind auditions was the first time he had ever been on a plane. Without even hearing him sing, Ray gets +1,000 points for the cute-kid-peanut gallery. Backstage his daughter yelps, “C’mon daddy, you can do this!” So articulate for a toddler!

Sings: “Use me” by Bill Withers

Verdict: Blake moves first, then CeeLo. Adam is impressed by Ray’s eclectic qualities. “I think this is an incredible genetic feat here, you look like Blake, but you sound like CeeLo!” CeeLo compliments his “blue-eyed soul.” But Ray chooses Blake, who promises to keep his sound “swampy.” Backstage, Carson was shocked he didn’t go with CeeLo and I was, too.

LINA GAUDENZI, 23, of Florida, is a former model who once moved to Paris by herself, singing in cafés. She’s studied classical music, opera, and has the powerhouse pipes that scream Team Christina.

Sings: “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Verdict: Christina and Blake duke it out for her. Lina’s falsetto finale is just gorgeous, prompting Blake to shout, “Damn, girl!” Christina asks which genre she sees herself in and Lina says blues and folk. Blake tries to interpret that as country. To which Christina zings, “I think he speaks kind of one language over there.” Lina chooses Christina. (Divas unite!) “America needs change,” Christina proclaims, while fanning herself.

JUHI, 16, of Tennessee, is really cutting it close for best personal style versus last week’s Holly Henry. Juhi is a super-smart (“above 4.0 GPA” according to dad), blue-haired, babydoll-dress-wearing, grunge-loving chick with aspirations to major in aerospace engineering or computer science. I think I squealed a little when she said she wants to her sound to be a cross between Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. CeeLo described Juhi as “someone who I would’ve made friends with in school.” Me too, CeeLo, me too!

Sings: “Mercy” by Duffy

Verdict: Christina makes the first move, followed by CeeLo. Seeing them both turned around, Juhi had the cutest reactions, from “I’m flipping out right now!” to “This is so weird!” She chooses CeeLo.

NEXT: A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll