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The Voice recap: Double Feature, Anyone?

The remaining six singers perform two songs each — a personal choice and a coach’s choice

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The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys
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Only six singers are left and half of them are on Team Adam. Christina’s got her two young guns, and Blake has his lone ranger, Cole. It’s really getting down to the wire, so I expected some knockdown, killer performances.

There weren’t too many of those Monday night, but we did get twice the songs. The artists got to sing one tune of their choice, which they could “dedicate” to someone, and the coaches chose the other one. Double the songs means double the chances to impress America. Only two singers scored with their performances tonight, and that was Tessanne Chin for her near-perfect renditions of a Bob Marley and Katy Perry. Jacquie Lee, the only other female contestant remaining, had the most consistent set of songs — the Janis Joplin and Christina Aguilera selections both showcased her powerhouse vocals.

TEAM BLAKE: Cole Vosbury

1. Coach’s choice: “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates

The performance: Blake wants Cole “to have fun on stage” with this song. And if by “fun” you mean standing still with the hum of a string section behind you, he certainly accomplished that. This wasn’t a blowout performance — and come to think of it, when have we ever gotten one from Cole? At best, it showed off the mellifluous parts of his voice, an inoffensive sing-along.

The feedback: Blake said, “you’re such a pro, man.” Cee Lo, who later revealed that he’s rooting for Cole, said, “It’s such a pleasure to see you still here remaining.”


2. Dedication song: “Better Man” by James Morrison, for his “first love”

The performance: How sweet was Cole’s dedication? I don’t know if I actually liked this performance or if my perception of it was colored by his earnestness about his first love earlier. Either way, I enjoyed this rendition, which he sung like he meant every word.

The feedback: “Man, I think if you don’t get her back now, something’s wrong,” said Blake, who also praised him for “showing dimension.” Cee Lo pointed out that Cole wasn’t wearing his usual accessory today — “to not wear your hat, to kind of open yourself up to the world… it really makes me proud, it reminds me that my ears, eyes, and my heart work.” Christina said he sounded too raspy: “It just sounded like you’ve been singing a lot.”

TEAM ADAM: Tessanne Chin

1. Coach’s choice: “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

The performance: I was a bit skeptical of Adam’s choice, worried he was going into cliché territory after last week’s brush with reggae in the No Doubt cover. But this was a smart choice. It showcased her ability to sing soft, especially at the end, which was free of show-y runs and her usual breath-busting power. It’s the quietest we’ve heard her sing.

The feedback: Coach Adam had reason to be proud: “They understand now, the potency and the power, not only of Bob Marley, but of Tessanne Chin tonight.” Christina, who I think is always too nonchalant when it comes to her Tessanne feedback, enjoyed hearing her Jamaican accent and roots shine again and said “it was like a lullaby.”

2. Dedication song: “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, for Tessanne’s parents

The performance: Just perfect. I dare say it was better than Katy Perry’s performance at the AMA’s, in which she appropriated the cherry blossom flower, among other things. Was Tessanne’s stage set a slight nod to Perry’s? Her production’s flower of choice was the rose, which appeared in a backdrop and also onstage, when rose petals fell from the ceiling. My favorite rendition of the night.

The feedback: Adam complimented her tremendous range, tackling both Bob Marley and Katy Perry songs in one night. “You just never let me down,” he said. Blake called her a “world class vocalist.”

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