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The Voice recap: Give Me a Moment

The blind auditions end with an eye-opening performance

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The Voice Jessica Childress

The Voice

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For our last blind audition of the season, I have a confession: Tonight was the first night of our Voice journey when I felt — dare I say? — moved, and even a bit wowed. I blame the form of the show, which is near perfect, as well as my weakness for montages, which were spliced in with savvy during the hour. It’s only been three weeks, but already I’d forgotten about some of our brighter moments. “And with only one spot left on each team, the artists will have to lay it all on the line,” Carson said. That is, the coaches will only spin around four times this episode, and since there are more than four contestants my back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me that just means sadness.

But also, at least four times, joy.

Let’s start parsing:

At the top of the hour is Mark Lennon, who earned a rare trip out of the studio. Why? Because Lennon’s Venice Beach band Venice has its own Wikipedia page. And also because Carson is a really, really big fan. Seriously, pow-wowing with Lennon brings out some of those much-missed TRL muscles and his enthusiasm is appreciably real, especially when telling Lennon about that one time went he ran into Stevie Nicks at a Venice concert. Update: Daly is only terrible sometimes. Back in Voice-land, Lennon takes the stage to the thought, “Here I am, 35 years later…for some reason, it just never happened for us.” He picks “Come Together,” which completes the night’s all-that-converges symmetry. Remember? The judges all sang that song when the season started — and see how far we’ve come since.

As a performer, Lennon is good. But as a singer, he’s only good — and even though the judges can’t see him or his age, it’s possible they heard the patterns in his voice, the years, that set-in-his-way quality. But Wiki, remember? No coaches turn around, and Adam and Shakira both agree that his voice could be a bit dirtier.

On a brighter note comes Jacqui Sandell, a former classical ballet dancer who once performed Swan Lake in front of the Russian ambassador. She left all that for a music career, which includes a band — we see  them en-masse, all band-like — and at least one stint at Warped Tour. Carson’s surprised. Isn’t Warped Tour all “punk rock and mosh pits”? (It is. It is also very, very hot. It’s the only time I’ve ever fallen asleep or suffered heat stroke in public, true story. The confessions continue!)

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