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The Voice recap: 'The Voice' season 4 performance finale

The final three take the stage for performances that will determine season 4’s winner

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Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys
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As Britney Spears once said, “One two three, not only you and me.” And that’s just what tonight is all about: The top three artists going head to head to head(s) to see which one of them will get a recording contract and (maybe) become the first Voice winner to sell more than 46,000 albums.

With only Team Blake and Team Usher left in the competition, Adam and Shakira have turned into the ultimate cheerleaders — there are flags and accessories involved. But first, the coaches have to put their differences aside and take the stage together for only the second time this season singing “With a Little Help From My Friends.” These performances are where I really miss Christina. I feel like the coaches always stepped up their game when they were singing next to such a legend. Don’t get me wrong, this performance is great, and yes, I did hear that amazing note Usher just hit, but it feels a little disjointed. Adam forgets to come in at the right time, Usher and Shakira are clearly putting more into it while Adam and Blake hang back, and I can barely hear anybody over the band. Perhaps they’ve yet to adjust their volume from last year when Xtina was belting out the big notes. All in all, it’s fun but nothing special. I suppose so long as Usher has his falsetto, Shakira has her vibrato, and Blake and Adam have their guitars, the world is at peace — so long as Christina is at home watching this while wearing a tiny hat.

P.S. That image of Blake and Usher leaning in to hit the final note needs to be a poster. And by “needs to be” I mean, “will one of you please make me one?”

But back to the important stuff: Tonight, each of the top three contestants will perform three times. The Swon Brothers, Danielle, and Michelle each get to duet with their coach, re-perform their “defining moment” song, and then perform a new tune for us. And in other efforts to make sure this show will take up two hours of your Monday evening, the contestants will actually be performing entire songs. Oh, and there’s a special performance you will just have to wait and see!

Now that I’ve intrigued you so and Usher has informed us that “we’re humans being; we’re not just humans doing,” lets get to the first performance:


The song: “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles

The performance: The first duo to make it to the finale, this Swoncert is prepared to show America another side of The Swon Brothers: Falsetto!!! Dressed in all black and bringing an “extra spark of special” to the stage, these boys channel their inner swag to pull off a rather sultry performance. And I am loving it. I love the bluesy feel, and I dig the falsetto (most of the time). Most of all, I appreciate that it’s something different. It’s not my favorite performance. There are elements that don’t make me feel incredibly comfortable, but then the brothers smile, and I’m happy again. Clearly this season has worn me down.

The feedback: Usher thinks it’s great that the brothers “Finally found the girl part of your voice,” and Shakira (waving around her “Go Okies” flag) loves their universal appeal. Adam, the Eagles fan, thanks the boys for apparently dedicating the song to him and commends them for doing an incredible job. Blake thinks this is the best season of The Voice so far and loves how these two charmers are constantly evolving. I do have to say that Blake hits the nail on the head when he talks about all of us not knowing why we love them… and yet we can’t stop. Someone explain it to me! Is that sort of appeal something I can find somewhere? I’m great at Googling.

NEXT: Danielle and Blake sing a charming (albeit slightly inappropriate) duet