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The Voice recap: Season 4, Top 6 performances

Big sets and bigger vocals pump up the volume (and the crowd!) as the Top 6 take the stage

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The Voice

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Reality TV, Music
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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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I will start by saying what all of you are waiting to hear me say (and possibly dreading): I miss Sarah. It’s not that I thought she was the best, but I loved the surprise factor that she brought to the show. Plus, she was my jam. It’s that simple. But that being said, we have a lot to talk about tonight, because there is so much happening: Carson’s getting creepier, the sets are getting bigger, the audience is getting louder, and Usher’s puns are taking over the joint. Let’s get to it!

On the technical side of tonight, here’s what you need to know: All the contestants will perform two songs, one that they choose and one that their coach chooses for them. And in a last-minute change of plans — could it have something to do with the backlash after last week’s eliminations? — only one contestant will go home tomorrow night. Will Blake finally lose one of his three country artists, or will one of the other teams get booted off the competition for good? First things first: The performances!


The song: “When God-Fearin’ Women Get the Blues” by Martina McBride

The performance: Blake’s pick is yet another Martina McBride song for Holly. I understand that the girl has a great country voice, and it’s Martina-esque at times, but I am so over this song list. Although, confessional time, I did jam out to this song in my first car when I was 16. Flashback! But back to Holly — her performance is solid. I still don’t quite get the fire from her that I want, and the backup singers are just a little much, but it’s a nice performance. She’s a little breathy at times, but she definitely has the scorned-woman walk down.

The feedback: Usher commends her attitude and her theatrics, says he doesn’t have anything too critical. However, he wants to see more. Shakira likes her powerful voice and enjoys seeing Holly have fun on stage. Adam calls the performance “cool,” and Blake goes on record saying it’s by far his favorite performance of Holly’s. I’m not so sure about that.


The song: “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

The performance: Usher’s pick for Michelle isn’t something we’ve seen from her before, but it’s a side that I enjoy. Her vocals are strong and other than a very distracting visual of a tree going through the seasons in the background, I like Michelle’s rendition a lot. Is it her best? No. Is it better than the Glee version? No. But I like it. It suits her voice.

The feedback: Shakira thinks it’s going to be another amazing week for Michelle and enjoys her balance of powerful vocals with falsetto. Adam loves how she is carving out her own spot in the universe and congratulates her on that accomplishment. Usher thinks she showed vulnerability and versatility, and he loves that she’s finding “a place we only know” and being comfortable in it. Usher and his puns… they’re unstoppable.

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