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The Voice recap: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The performances grow in scale (and sparkle) as the Top 8 perform hits both new and old

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Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys
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It’s Memorial Day on The Voice, which means we’re in for two things: Lots of sparkles and lots of country music! Kicking off the evening is the CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, or as Carson puts it, the “rarely sober national treasure” Blake Shelton, who performs his very, very country new single, “Boys Round Here,” in which he sings about chewing tobacco, spitting, trucks, and more.

But before we jump into the other performances of the night, I have to give a quick shout-out to the many behind-the-scenes members of The Voice crew, because tonight is full of amazing hair, amazing wardrobes, and even more amazing sets. There was a fire on stage for goodness sake. A fire. Can you imagine if the A/C had gone out again? Usher would’ve been completely shirtless. Maybe next time. Okay, okay, let’s talk about the Top 8!


The song: “#thatPOWER” by will.i.am featuring Justin Bieber

The performance: Kicking off a very shiny night, Judith’s performance is quite the production. Between her hair, her sparkly silver feather-cape, and the platform she’s on, I’m already excited for what’s to come. By the end of it, I’ve decided that Judith defines cool. I love the soulful rendition of the current hit, and I also love that she’s 100 percent at home on that stage. The girl knows who she is, and that makes watching her so enjoyable.

The feedback: Blake thinks her singing was spot-on, her hair is badass, and he loves her personality. Usher thinks it was an incredible way to open the show, and enjoys hearing about Judith’s philanthropic “heart work.” Shakira says she is a strong vocalist with a great sense of style, and she loved seeing her do something more current. Adam enjoys her power and watching her not as a contestant but as an artist.


The song: “Done” by The Band Perry

The performance: With a new hairstyle and some shiny cowboy boots, Holly hits the stage with a “woo!” that gets me very excited for a feisty performance from the country artist. And I’m only a little disappointed in the end result. I love the song choice, and I think Holly is strong vocally. Although it’s my favorite Holly performance thus far, I’m left feeling like it could’ve used just a little more personality or something behind it. I’m not convinced by her sass. I’m also not sure what kind of music she wants to do within the realm of country.

The feedback: Before Usher can offer a critique, Carson makes a comment on his “Team Chamuel” glasses by calling Usher “Urkel.” The result is my favorite line of the night, by Ursher himself: “I know you’re not talking, Jimmy Neutron.” Touché, Usher. Touché. Sorry, back to business: Usher and Shakira both want Holly’s boots, and they both also agree that she is an incredible singer. Adam, still not over the Jimmy Neutron line, tells Carson that he “got served,” but does admit that he’s always impressed with Holly’s range and enjoyed seeing her aggressive side. Blake just loves Holly and thinks she chewed up that song and spit it out — “Meet Holly Tucker, everybody.”

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