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The Voice recap: Final Battle Rounds

Latinas bring the heat to the final battle round, Usher uses his last steal, and Sarah Simmons continues her reign

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The Voice Recap
Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice

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Is it just me, or did the final night of the battle rounds make people a little feistier than usual? And I’m not saying that in a bad way. The coaches were making more jokes: Carson made fun of Blake’s English; Adam made fun of Blake’s hair. And it was all in good fun. Plus, Shakira and Usher shared what might be the cutest interaction between them yet. Seriously. I am not missing Christina or Cee Lo right now. When it comes time for the judges to sing, then I’ll miss them. I mean no offense to Shakira (who Carson calls Shacky??) or Usher, but let’s be honest: Christina and Cee Lo have better voices. But not better dance moves. It’s six in one, half a dozen in the other, so let’s just skip all that nonsense and get down to business.

Tonight, Usher is elected to say those three magical words: “It’s go time.”


The song: “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin

The battle: It’s the battle Brandon saw coming: The young ginger goes up against the oldest rocker in the competition, and the result is very… hairy. But let’s not focus on the overabundance of curly locks in this battle. Instead, we can discuss, I don’t know, their singing voices? Maybe?

During the first rehearsal, Shakira encourages both of the contestants to connect with the sentiment of the song and sing with honesty. Also, she lets out her best rocker scream, and it’s so wrong that it’s right. In the second rehearsal, Shakira advises Brandon to steer clear of screaming and tells Shawna to moderate her intensity.

Into the ring they go!  In the classic battle of youth versus experience, Brandon works hard to outshine his almost entirely red outfit with his voice. Miraculously, he succeeds. Although Shawna brings a very cool gruff to the table (as well as a tunic dress), I think Brandon takes this one for me. I could do without the dance moves, but the kid’s voice is amazing.

The verdict: Adam thinks the performance is “fun” but would rather talk about Brandon’s hair. Usher compares Shawna’s voice to a fine wine but claims both brought a different experience to the song. In the end, Shakira can’t let go of the “perfect” voice of Ms. Shawna P.

*Random tangent: Between Shawna P. and last night’s C. Perkins, I would like to officially declare that initials are not full names. That is all.

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