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The Voice recap: The Final Three

The final three deliver their last performances—and a few inappropriate songs

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The Voice
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The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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Before we get to the big finale, can I just rant for a minute?

I know the coaches’ hearts were in the right place when they decided to use Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings. But this is a totally inappropriate song for that occasion. If somebody actually bothered to listen to the rest of the lyrics (“I remember when I moved in you / And the holy dove was moving, too / And every breath we drew was hallelujah”) they’d realize what it’s really about. Yes, it’s about religion, but it’s also about sex. Couldn’t they have used a different song?

Okay, moving on. We’ve got blazing fires, miniature Cee Los, and a shirtless Adam Levine to attend to.


Could this guy be any sweeter? Every song he performs is about love, and tonight is no exception. Yeah, it’s a little weird when he dedicates his mash-up of Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” to his family. (Psst! Those are songs about sex, too!) But he lights up so brightly on stage that no one really cares too much. With his sparkly gold suit, his warm voice, those crazy-spirited runs on the piano, and the fact that his piano is literally bursting with flames, Nicholas is a great, bearded ball of fire himself. And he gets major bonus points for his cute, knock-kneed dancing and his samurai kicks. I agree with Adam: it’s nice to hear him choose a fun, entertaining song rather than slog through a more obvious “inspirational” track. And Coach Cee Lo is proud: “Your fire tonight burned this house down!

Later, Nicholas treats us to a heartfelt version of his season highlight “Lean on Me,” which is mostly just him pouring some Bill Withers-flavored soul into his piano while gospel singers testify in the background. You get to really hear his amazing voice here, and even though Adam makes fun of his flannel-shirt-with-sweater-vest outfit (“You look like a principal!”), Nicholas continues to prove that nothing can drag him down from his recent, arson-induced high. “Thank you!” he says, smiling. “See me in my office after the show.” Ha!

Further proof that Nicholas is funny? He and Cee Lo choose Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” for their duet, knowing that Nicholas is a white boy who favors music of the funky variety. Plus, he’s wearing giant sunglasses and a pompadour. And he allows Cee Lo’s friend Milo, who looks exactly like a miniature Cee Lo in his matching zebra-print outfit, to get down on stage! I actually find myself squealing out loud, watching that little guy scuttle around like the wildest wind-up robot you’ve ever seen. Holy miniature awesomeness. Is that the best thing that’s ever happened to Nicholas? Why, yes. I believe it is.

Overall grade for Nicholas tonight: B+. Overall grade for Milo: A++++

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