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The Voice recap: Coaches' Choice

It’s double-header week for the final six, as each contestant performs a coach’s pick and a song choice of their own.

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The Voice

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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What, no more Kermit?

Last week we got spoiled with a visit from The Muppets. But this week, we get the next best thing: another visit from Dr. Teeth. Or as Carson calls him, Nicholas David. (Just kidding! I love you, Nicholas!)

Also, we get to see everyone perform two different songs, one that’s chosen by the coaches and one that’s selected by the contestants. Just one question, though. When do the coaches get to pick the contestants’ outfits? I can’t be the only one who wants to see Nicholas perform in Cee Lo’s snakeskin muumuu! Right guys? Anyone?

Anyway. Moving on…

TEAM CEE LO: Nicholas David

If there’s one thing Nicholas can teach us, it’s how to cure sickness. (“Oil of oregano and elderberry extract, and… couple that with a nondairy probiotic,” advises Doctor Feelgood.) If there’s another thing he can teach us, it’s that no probiotic can cure his fever… for the flavor of Earth, Wind, and Fire! (Yeah, I said it. Sorry.) When Cee Lo selects “September,” Nicholas gamely boogies along in his red pants, stomping his boots, and bringing his sweet soul crooning to the song. The coaches dock him a few points for stepping away from the highest notes, but overall, everyone’s pleased. This guy has more personality than anyone on stage.

Next up, Nicholas goes for a softer, sadder tune with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” He’s accompanied by a harmonica, kind of like his Muppet brethren, but the wandering, organ-fuelled melody and the searching tone of his voice makes it feel like his very own song. Says Adam, “That’s one of those songs that make people weep. I’m sure there are people weeping right now, in a good way.” Sniff. No comment! Sniff.

TEAM BLAKE: Cassadee Pope

Blake’s still trying to get this pop-punk princess to put on some cowboy boots and call herself “country.” So after getting Cassadee to perform an emotional Miranda Lambert ballad and a duet with Rascal Flatts, he chooses “Stand,” another Rascal Flatts song. “The difficulty is finding the moments when her vocals can really soar,” he admits. And he’s right. Despite all the glow-stick-waving on the crowd’s behalf, this isn’t a standout performance. I mean, she doesn’t even pump her fist into the air! How can we pinpoint the exact moment she really commits to the song?

Cassadee’s own pick isn’t much more surprising. Allowing her to sing Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” is like allowing a frog to croak, or encouraging a parrot to headbang along to a death metal track: she’s just doing what comes naturally. True, it’s a little weird that she dedicates this song to Blake, especially since she’s hollering the not-so-subtle come-on “Won’t somebody take me home? / It’s a damn cold night.” But overall, it’s a solid Avril impression, right down to the streaks in her hair. And Blake loves it. “People are realizing that you can’t teach-slash-coach somebody how to connect with a lyric,” he explains. “You have to be born with that…. Plus, you have to be able to sing really really good.” Lucky for him, being born to use correct grammar isn’t a prerequisite.

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