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The Voice recap: And Then There Were Ten

With only a few people left on each team, even frontrunners like Trevin and Amanda have to work hard to keep their lead

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The Voice

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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Did Christina Milian really just coin the term “Blaketina”? Is that a thing now?

I understand that The Voice is trying extra hard to promote Christina Aguilera’s new album, Lotus. They’re allowing her to kick off this week’s show by performing her big duet, “Just a Fool,” with fellow coach Blake Shelton. And Carson Daly is doing his best to convince us that the album is “a big hit.” (He’s being generous.) But if we’re really creating fake couples on this show, how about one that works for Cody Belew and me? Let’s call it: BelewMe.

No? Okay, let’s just forget that I said that. Are you ready to discuss the final top ten?


Law school or reality TV stardom? For Sylvia, the choice is clear: she doesn’t want to waste her time studying for the bar when she can spend her days hanging out with big-time celebrities like Ron Fair and… wait a minute. Who? “He signed me to my first record contract,” Christina explains of Fair, a former A&R rep who’s now serving as a mentor on The Voice. So after getting some professional guidance from Fair, who tells her to “like, let go,” Sylvia’s ready to power through Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” Her tone is still a little too Celine Dion for me, but her talent is irrefutable. Every time I hear her take a swing at a note, I imagine that note shooting through the clouds, past a galaxy or two, until it implodes with a poof! All the coaches rave about her, but Blake delivers the best compliment, assuring her that no one will ever forget her. So true. Great job, Whatshername! (Just kidding, Sylvia! You were good!)

TEAM BLAKE: Terry McDermott

When Terry selects Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” he’s not messing around. Hearing him fight his way up the treble clef, country music producer Scott Hendricks exclaims, “I don’t know how anybody gets that high!” But Terry has a good explanation for hitting those notes: “A good old wedgie. That’s what you need.” (Ba dum tssssh!) Then, just to show off a little, he tears through the chorus like it’s no big thing. There’s no real suspense to this performance, because it’s not as challenging as his usual picks—seriously, try doing “Carry On, Wayward Son” on your next karaoke outing—but he’s effortlessly great, as usual. Even Carson is excited. “Classic American song!” he cheers. No one has the heart to tell Carson that Bryan Adams is Canadian.

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