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The Voice recap: Top 10 results

Two female contestants bite the dust as the Top 12 becomes the Top 10

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The Voice

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys
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According to Carson, last night’s Top 12 episode garnered more votes than season 2’s finale. Crazy!

Even so, “brave New York waitress” Adriana Louise and “more than a mohawk” Michaela Paige couldn’t scare up enough votes to stay in the competition — meaning that both Team Christina and Team Blake are now down by one. Xtina’s got to step up her game if she wants to lead a contestant to victory before leaving the show this winter.

Of course, before we actually learn those results, we have to sit through another filler-tastic results show. My favorite part of the evening is Christina’s baroque performance. Even if her new single, “Make the World Move,” ain’t exactly “Ain’t No Other Man,” I love the “court of Fabulous Queen Christina” theme, Cee Lo’s inexplicable wizard’s staff, and the fact that Xtina keeps right on wearing that crown until the credits roll. Frankly, I’m surprised that we don’t see her decked out in jeweled coronets more often. “That future sound” sounds pretty darn familiar, though, especially when the new song samples the trumpets from “Amores Como El Nuestro.” A subtle nod to future Voice coach Shakira and her own Jerry Rivera-sampling song, perhaps?

Otherwise, tonight’s musical interludes aren’t terribly exciting. Jason Aldean and Team Blake’s performances¬† of “The Only Way I Know” and “Life Is a Highway,” respectively, are low-energy and fairly basic. I do appreciate how Aldean plays in front of screens showing American flags, which flap proudly in gusts of wind apparently created by a fiery explosion. Is there anything more American than the Star-Spangled Banner and dramatic, Michael Bay-style conflagrations?

Wait, there is: Team Cee Lo’s random disco number, a cornucopia of awesome wigs and paisley shirts. Even if it can’t top the coach’s cheesily amazing take on Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People” from season 1, “Stayin’ Alive” definitely livens up a sleepy results show. Despite the costumes and the multicolored dance floor, the craziest thing about this performance is how much trouble Trevin has hitting his high notes. Cody, of course, mugs and boogies like a born Bee Gee, making me wonder if anyone has plans to revive Saturday Night Fever on Broadway and cast him as Tony. Also, I’m not entirely convinced that Nicholas knows it isn’t still 1977. (I mean that in a good way.)

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