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The Voice recap: Three is the Magic Number

With just a few singers left on each team, Trevin, Terry, and Bryan make the best case for hanging on until the end

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The Voice

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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We’re down to just three singers on each team, which means the coaches no longer have control of who gets eliminated. Now, the fans have that power. How does Christina feel about that?

“Normally, yes, creatively, I do like to have control…” she says. And that’s when the rambling impulse kicks in.

“But I’m actually happy that, some of the control action, I’m happy to give it away a little bit, and I know America is gonna pick, y’know, well. Everything is meant to be. So, uh, now I’m nervous about it. I’m nervous about it! Oh my gosh, hearing myself talk, I just backtracked myself and…”

Deep breath, Christina! It’s okay! As Carson says, “Relax and enjoy.”

TEAM BLAKE: Michaela Paige

All dressed up in her finest tutu, looking like a pop-punk ballerina, Michaela takes on Pink’s “Blow Me One Last Kiss,” which isn’t all that easy to sing. “When Pink sees it on her set list, she probably has to take a deep breath,” insists Blake. But it’s the perfect song choice for Michaela, who’s a tomboy like Pink. She brings just enough tough-girl attitude to the song, riding every high note like a dirt-bike queen. I love her performance so much, I almost don’t notice that she’s shellacking down her signature mohawk, leaving a rainbow-colored bob with the world’s tiniest hat on top. (“Look at your little hat!” squeals Carson. “It’s adorable!”) Suddenly, Michaela seems to be everyone’s favorite, but no one is more excited than her coach. “My heart is pounding right now, it was so good!” Blake gasps. “Please vote for this girl! Please! I’m begging!” Hey, there’s no need to beg. Obviously, the girl was good.


You can always tell that a Voice contestant might be in trouble when there’s a giant wall of flashing LEDs behind him. The greater the singer’s talent, the less he needs to rely on visuals to boost his performance. So it can’t be a good sign when Dez takes on Lauryn Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and the whole Manhattan skyline lights up on stage around him. Yes, he has a lovely, smooth voice with jazzy inflections. And yes, he seems like a nice kid, even when he’s doing his Frank Sinatra impression. (Cee Lo insists that he’s got “natural sex appeal.”) But I can’t help but worry that Dez might be a little bland. Even Blake seems to have nodded off during his performance. “Man, Frankie Valli! I love that song!” says Blake. And when Christina whispers that this is Lauryn Hill’s version? “Hey, I’m an old bastard,” he admits. “Look at me.”

TEAM CHRISTINA: Adriana Louise

When Carson mentions your day job, it’s also a bad omen. This week, he introduces Adriana as “the New York waitress who’s working hard to show America her true potential.” But from the moment she launches into Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl,” it’s clear that she’s working way too hard. There’s a little too much mugging, some awkward canoodling with the guitarist, a few too many yelled notes, and that awkward, I’m-singing-two-inches-away-from-your-lips flirtation with Adam. (“Adam loves girls that get up in his face!” jokes Christina.) Everyone’s grasping for positive things to say. Cee Lo says that Adriana is “continuing to improve.” And Blake insists, “The best is yet to come for you.” But will she stick around long enough for her best performance? (Hint: the answer is no.)

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