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The Voice recap: 'Wow, baby. Just wow.'

There’s theatrics aplenty, but Cee Lo only has eyes for Juliet Simms, who needs “no smoke, no mirrors, no nothing.”

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The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson
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When did The Voice get so literal? Tonight, it seems that every contestant acts out the meaning of the song they’ve picked. Karla Davis sings “Airplanes” on the wing of a jet, with clouds drifting by her. Tony Vincent takes on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” while commanding an actual army from a dictator’s pulpit. Erin Martin plays “Walk Like an Egyptian” while riding in Cleopatra’s chariot, pulled by some shirtless beefcakes. (We hear that beefcake is a delicacy in Egypt.)

If Voice mentor Alanis Morisette were here tonight, she’d say, Isn’t it ironic? Because, y’know, it’s totally not! But in her absence, we’ll just honor her team. So let’s start with Mr. Levine.


She sings! She writes songs! She rides unicorns! Is there nothing Katrina Parker cannot do? Well, apparently, she can’t not act like Adele, even when she’s singing a Smashing Pumpkins song. “The elephant in the room here is Adele,” says Adam, choosing a very unfortunate metaphor for the curvy singer. “I think you need to be Katrina.”

Katina’s very excited to sing “Tonight Tonight,” because she thinks the song is a literal description of what’s happening, uh, tonight. “It’s about this moment?” she says, her voice rising into a question. “Where everything just comes together?” So she just gathers her courage, steps out on that stage… and does her hair exactly like Adele? Sigh!

Granted, her Adele-inspired take on “Tonight Tonight” sounds pretty, with her big, clear voice ascending those notes as gracefully as those violinists step up the stairs. And she looks glamorous in that emerald green dress. (What is Christina talking about, saying that “the dress sorta restricted you a bit”? Was that a weird, mean-girl comment disguised as constructive criticism?) Katrina makes the song sound effortless. But maybe that’s not such a good thing. Cee Lo’s right that there’s no real urgency to her performance, none of that special emo melancholia that Billy Corgan feels when he’s singing, or when he’s playing guitar, or probably when he’s playing Fruit Ninja on his iPhone.

Adam likes Katrina’s performance, even if it’s “no frills,” as he puts it. “It’s actually almost bigger than a rock song, it feels very theatrical,” he says. Well, if the lady can make Smashing Pumpkins sound like showtunes, then maybe we should KEEP HER after all.

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