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The Voice recap: Live Top 11 Performances

We may have a new frontrunner after tonight

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Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice

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Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys
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This week, The Voice will narrow its contesant pool to the number of the season — 10 — so the Top 11 are ready to sing their hearts out for a chance to move forward past tomorrow’s elimination round. And while some of the singers are starting to break away from the rest in terms of skills and delivery, everyone’s definitely giving it their all, no doubt about that.

After a heartbreaking opening tribute to Prince, in which the coaches praise the fallen singer’s impact on their own lives — “He did things his way. Always. ‘Til the end,” Adam Levine notes — the performers attempt to rise to the occasion of all the legacies who’ve made this purple stage possible for them. 

Here’s a play-by-play of the night’s performances.

1. Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam)

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus

Shalyah Fearing might be the youngest person left in the competition right now, but she’s definitely been making some of the most mature song decisions of the season. Tonight, she genre-hops away from her usual soul selection while still choosing a song that will showcase her range and power, and — surprise, surprise — everyone’s still goo-goo eyes (and ears) for Shalyah Fearing.

The song requires her to stick around in her middle register for longer than usual, but in an unusual turn of events, it’s actually that range that works best for her tonight as some of her high notes get a little stuck from time to time. But the coaches are right: There’s something so honest about the lyrics as she sings them — considering she’s at the start of her own climb (word play!) — that it all just works.

2. Daniel Passino (Team Pharrell)

“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

Daniel Passino’s basically been a case study in consistency (and also one in good dentistry because the man’s teeth are literally perfect), but this week, he’s hoping to reveal himself as “an artist with multi-layers” by performing an acoustic take on a classic from the super duper poppy collection (hint: He’s inspired by Pink for this arrangement). And while he pitter-patters around in the chill zone for most of the song, he ends things on an impressively high note there at the end…and works the crowd with his sparkling smile.

Pharrell encapsulates the moment perfectly in his review by saying, “You took your time. You worked the room. The note choices were signature.” He’s not exactly the underdog of the day by any means, but is he winning over new fans right now with this? Doubtful.

3. Paxton Ingram (Team Blake)

“Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs

Paxton Ingram might be a member of Team Blake, but he knows good advice when he hears it, so this week he’s taken a leaf out of Pharrell Williams’s playbook and chooses to sing a gospel song that can pack on some power. And it’s a great song choice for him, not just because it’s a good technical match for his voice, but also because he connects with it so full-bodily that even when he’s off-key, it’s still pretty goosebump-inducing. Not bad; not bad at all.

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