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'The Voice' recap: 'Live Playoffs, Results'

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Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice

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Whether you agree with every decision made by The Voice voters and its coaching quartet or not, it’s an emotional thing to watch a whopping half of these hopefuls go home after coming so far in this competition. So it goes, though, and now the 24 contestants who performed live this week have been whittled down to the season 10 Top 12 while for a dozen others, this was the end of the road (for this show, at least).

Some of the night’s selectees probably come as no surprise, but more than one of the week’s comebacks have earned a place in America’s hearts (again) while a few of the perceived fan favorites were surprisingly snubbed. Here’s a rundown of the results:

Team Pharrell:

The group delivers a relatively uniform performance of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child,” and the title of the number seems to be Pharrell Williams’s message to those who’ll say goodbye tonight.

Voters choose Hannah Huston and Daniel Passino to stick around, and it’s really no surprise. Hannah’s got a lot of raw talent and skill strength while Daniel’s incredibly polished and ambitious and proved his musical might during his comeback performance.

For his save, Pharrell chooses Emily Keener, which is also unsurprising since she’s pretty obviously his favorite for her “teletransporter” talents. Meanwhile, Moushumi, Lacy Mandigo, and Caity Peters, who each have individual strengths to boast but who just aren’t groomed enough to surpass the others, are sent home. 

Team Blake

After hearing his crew give six different tones to Avicii’s “Hey Brother” during the group performance, it seems pretty clear to Blake Shelton that he’s got a “suck”-y task ahead of him.

Indeed, after America chooses Adam Wakefield and Mary Sarah for the go-ahead (they both have definitely proven themselves worthy time and again on this stage), he’s left to make the call between the remaining four and ultimately opts for Paxton Ingram because he’s “believed in [Paxton] from the beginning” (you might recall that he touted Paxton’s “true greatness” during his blind audition), sending Katie Basden, Justin Whisnant, and Joe Maye on to the next chapter of their lives. 

NEXT: Christina’s tough choice


Team Christina:

No one has a tougher time choosing her save tonight than Christina Aguilera, and for good reason: Her team is far and away the most stacked of the four right now, as their performance of “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals confirms. 

Alisan Porter getting America’s vote is not even a little bit of a surprise considering the hype that has (justifiably) followed her participation in this show. And given the sweetheart status Nick Hagelin has earned from the public (who’ve no doubt fallen head over heels for his tough little boy) and the fact that he did an okay job during his knockouts performance, him being chosen to move forward isn’t too much of a shock either.

But then you look at the four remaining on her squad — Ryan Quinn, Támar Davis, Bryan Bautista, and Kata Hay — and it’s pretty clear that in a perfect world more than one of these people would get a chance to continue on. Xtina dwells and gnashes at the fact that she has to let three of them go for so long Carson Daly seems ready to throw a clock at her before she ultimately settles on Bryan Bautista, “who America is really responding to” at the moment (read: has a voice and fuller swoon appeal than Ryan Quinn, even without his glasses). 

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Team Adam

Adam’s pretty proud of himself for putting together such an eclectic group of singers who are all so different, so he’s pretty bummed that the band has to break up right now after putting on such an emotional show with Elton John’s “Your Song.”

Voters have turned up to put Shalyah Fearing (OF COURSE) and Laith Al-Saadi (also a frequent frontrunner for the team) into the next round themselves. And while Adam’s got a bevy of ultra-likable, albeit imperfect, singers to choose from, Owen Danoff is basically the musician equivalent of a “KEEP CALM” poster with a hippie twist, and Adam’s into it, so that’s who he waves through (which means a fond farewell goes to Brian Nhira, Caroline Burns, and Nate Butler). 


  • Team Pharrell: Emily Keener, Hannah Huston, and Daniel Passino
  • Team Blake: Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah, and Adam Wakefield
  • Team Christina: Bryan Bautista, Alisan Porter, and Nick Hagelin
  • Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing, Laith Al-Saadi, and Owen Danoff