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The Vampire Diaries recap: Season 8, Episode 2

Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline follow Damon and Enzo to North Carolina and see a familiar face

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Erika Doss/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Tonight’s episode title refers to the first words we hear Elena say in the “Pilot.” She’s writing in her diary, promising herself that today will indeed be different and that she won’t just be the girl whose parents were killed. She’s hopeful; although it’s clear she’s not entirely confident in those words. In the end, she was right; that day ended up being different because she met her first epic love, Stefan.

The hopefulness of that quote is easily found in tonight’s episode. “Hello, Brother,” the season 8 premiere, ended with Bonnie convincing Stefan not to lose hope that they would save Damon and Enzo. So, when we pick back up tonight, the hero team is still hopeful their fight won’t be in vain.

In fact, Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie are feeling hopeful in tonight’s episode not only because Enzo’s clues helped them figure out what they were dealing with, but also because they manage to find a new lead. Two women in North Carolina named Sarah Nelson were found dead with puncture marks in their necks. Caroline and Bonnie don’t know what it means, but Stefan does: Damon and Enzo are going after Sarah Salvatore, Stefan and Damon’s last living relative.

The Siren sent her two soldiers to kill Sarah after she got a peak inside Enzo’s mind. At the beginning of the episode, she was complaining about how she hasn’t been able to read his thoughts since they met and decides she had enough strength now to force her way in. Enzo, being the smart cookie that he is, protects Bonnie by thinking about Sarah as a distraction. Believing Sarah is the one thing that’s helping Enzo resist her, she tells them to find her and kill her. Little does the Siren know, Damon isn’t completely hers either and has been taking lovely trips to his mind palace where he’s thinking about the first time he met Elena.

So, Enzo and Damon make their way to North Carolina. While they sit on Sarah’s college campus, Damon explains to Enzo that the Siren gave him a preview of eternal damnation when she got into his head the first time and that’s why he’s given up. He knows he’s going to hell. Eventually, they find Sarah, but she knows what they are and quickly vervains Damon before he has a chance to kill her, which allows Enzo to breathe a sigh of relief. Enzo and Sarah rush back to her apartment so she can pack her things and leave before Damon wakes up, but there’s a surprise for them when they open the apartment door: Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie are already there.

While Sarah yells at Stefan for using lies and compulsion to control her life, Caroline calls Alaric and her kids, and Bonnie and Enzo have a tense reunion in the kitchen. Enzo tells Bonnie he doesn’t know what the Siren wants and begs her to leave now because he doesn’t want the Siren to find out about her. But, Bonnie refuses. (Can I say how much I love badass and stubborn Bonnie?) After they have their little chat, Enzo and Bonnie head downstairs to get the car ready for Sarah. However, while they’re in the garage, Bonnie vervains Enzo, throws him into the back of the car and drives off. Um, I don’t think this was part of their plan.

Unfortunately, Bonnie doesn’t get too far with Enzo. The moment he wakes up, he’s hit with a headache and his nose starts bleeding because he’s getting too far from the Siren. He orders Bonnie to stop the car so he can return to the Siren, so she does, but not without pleading with him again to just come with her. While I’m not invested in Bonnie and Enzo as a couple, I am invested in Bonnie fighting for what she wants and standing up for herself. She has lost so much over these past few seasons, so her fighting to get Enzo back feels very believable and is rather moving.

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