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The Vampire Diaries recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

We finally get a back story on Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

Here we are at the end of season 7, and the mysterious evolution of the Bonnie and Enzo ship is finally revealed. Raise your hand if you love Enzo a little bit right now? He’s a charmer, a romantic, plays the guitar, and wears the hell out of a suit. Well done, Bonnie. 

The relationship ignites three years ago at Whitmore. Bonnie tosses a bunch of college memories into a box, including the letter Damon left her, only to find herself almost surrounded by Armory guards. Enzo manages to swoop her out just in time. Before she can thank him, he jabs a syringe in her neck.   

Today’s Bonnie is eager to find a cure for her anti-magic pills. Enzo convinces her to enlist Damon’s help. She agrees, but makes it quite clear that she doesn’t want him speaking to her. All communication will go through Enzo. She had erased Damon from her memory (metaphorically) and he has the audacity to show up with flowers? The nerve. Let this be a lesson to everyone: never leave Bonnie without saying goodbye. 

The trio head to a quaint little cabin in the woods that Enzo has managed to keep off the grid. Bonnie walks in like she owns the joint. We flash back three years to Bonnie waking up in the exact same charming cabin. She tries to kill Enzo with a fire poker (#yeahright) and he tries not to kill her right back with a quick snap of her neck. They must work together to figure out why his cousin Alex is so interested in Bonnie’s life. He asks her to work with him. All Bonnie has to do is take these little pills and Alex won’t be able to use a locator spell. In her down time, she can sift through mountains of research to help connect the dots. Doesn’t that sound fun? 

Back in the present, Damon and Enzo visit Rayna who is frantically drawing images and symbols. She still has a mystical connection to all the vampires who escaped the Phoenix Stone. Damon uses her unfortunate mental status to broker a deal. What if she had a hit squad who could take out the nasty folks who are currently wreaking havoc in her brain? With every name wiped out, she would owe them a favor. Since she’s on her last mortal life, she could be a saint and transfer it to Bonnie. Rayna is going to die anyway. This is a win/win situation for all parties involved, right? Rayna wants to make sure killing Phoenix Stone demons will alleviate her madness before making the deal with Damon and Enzo. 

The boys grab Bonnie and start out on a road trip to Richmond, Virginia, as Rayna calls in to describe her visions. Using the clues of “bright clean room” and “lots of teeth,” our trio finds a vicious vamp taking out a few people with excellent oral hygiene at a local dentist office. It takes Enzo and Damon’s strength, as well as a few wooden bullets from Bonnie, to bring the dude down, but they succeed when Damon chops off the vampire’s head with a “wet floor” sign. Caution, indeed. 

We suddenly flash back to Bonnie and Enzo in the cabin. More than a year has gone by and Enzo surprises Bonnie with an enchanting New Year’s Eve celebration. We’re talking twinkly lights, candles, a nice meal, wine, crooning music, and an invitation to slow dance. Just as Enzo is about to make his move, something stops him. He pulls Bonnie close, kisses her on the cheek, and whispers for her to have a happy new year. Then he leaves to go back to his double life at the Armory. The romantic in me appreciates this nice build-up. P.S. Enzo in a suit = H-O-T!

Pining over a girl is definitely a major theme of this episode. Stefan decides he needs to see Caroline to set things straight. Ric kindly allows Stefan into their home, but quickly tells him that Caroline is out of town, thanks to Rayna. They head to a bar, because duh, and Ric calls Stefan out. Why didn’t he show up three years ago when Rayna was locked up? And why is he all of the sudden ready to share when he and Caroline have built a new life together and there’s a wedding on the books? Just as Stefan is about to let it all out, Damon calls to interrupt the reunion. Bonnie’s in trouble and we have a plan to fix that. Does anyone feel like going hunting? 

The next moments are so fun. All across the nation, the entire gang takes out vampires in quirky, imaginative ways. Stefan and Ric play a little golf with a vamp’s heart. Enzo and Damon play basketball with vamp’s heads. Rayna’s list is quickly being chipped away. In fact, the trail of dead vampire bodies is so extensive that the Armory becomes suspicious. 

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