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The Strain

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Well, with one season still remaining, did we really expect our heroes to save the day for good? Since the announcement next year’s fourth season would be The Strain’s last, the hope has been there would be a sense of urgency in the storytelling and a strong push towards the endgame. While the last few episodes have taken a drastic step in the right direction, “The Fall” seemed to be following suit and advancing the plot — before ultimately ending in an all-too-predictable way.

The Master wasn’t going to be vanquished that easily, of course, even though a final 10 episodes documenting the battle over Dutch’s heart could be quite good. Despite the ending being basically predetermined, the show once again reverted back to the team thinking they’ve defeated The Master…only for him to find a way to survive. All that being said, the final few shots did promise to deliver a dark and bleak ending to the series.

“Humanity’s survival was never certain,” warns Setrakian in a chilling voiceover to begin “The Fall.” He recalls past incidents that almost ended the world, such as the bubonic plague and Spanish flu. It’s clear, with the world on the brink yet again, that this will either be its demise or the last chance to save it. After ending last week needing to see Setrakian, Palmer and his long-time frenemy have their annual meeting (Fet must be feeling left out). Palmer suggests that with Eichhorst out of the picture, The Master will be forced out of hiding, so Setrakian needs to assemble his team to end this once and for all. “One final spin of the wheel,” says Palmer. “This is the end game for both of us, one way or the other.”

A weak old man is stumbling down the abandoned streets of New York City, barely able to stand. A close-up reveals it’s Eichhorst, who clearly isn’t responding well to all those silver bullets he took. Upon passing out, two humans come across him; as they discover what he is, they prepare to cut off his head. Luckily for Eichhorst, he still has some friends. A pair of strigoi soldiers kill the humans and carry their injured brother to safety.

Eph is packing up the lab when he finds a picture of his previously perfect family, reminding him of what he’s lost and reminding us of Corey Stoll’s terrible wig. He heads to meet with the group to discuss their plan to capture The Master, but Fet is still a little bitter the doctor stole his girl. Setrakian ends the bickering with a great pep talk about teamwork. If the world hadn’t basically ended, he would have made a great coach. The plan is set: Dutch is going to use the communication system to block The Master, at which point they will trap him in the box and drop him in the Atlantic. “Great, let’s sink this son of a b-tch,” declares Eph.

Palmer has returned to Stoneheart headquarters, where his men are preparing for the arrival of Setrakian and his team. Unfortunately, some uninvited guests crash the party. The two strigoi soldiers from earlier return and gun down Palmer’s entire security team (R.I.P. Duncan, we hardly knew ye). One of the strigoi isn’t just anybody — it’s actually The Master in his latest form. The old man, who went from “ride or die” with The Master to plotting against him, begins to lay out the case for why he should be spared. After years of failing to live up to their original agreement, The Master is finally ready to keep his part of the bargain. “Eldritch Palmer, eternal life is now yours,” he proclaims, as he throws dirt in Palmer’s mouth and proceeds to throw up on him (hey, eternal life ain’t pretty). They both fall to the ground and Palmer soon rises with red in his eyes. It’s clear: The Master has found his new body.

Now for the moment no one has been waiting for — the return of Zach. He’s just being a normal kid and playing in the dangerous streets with his pet feeler. A concerned man sees the boy alone and offers to take him to safety. The feeler isn’t onboard with that, so after Zach initially tells it to stay back, he gives it the go-ahead to take the man out when he goes for his gun. For some reason, he’s worried his strigoi mom would be mad at him over the incident, but Kelly is proud. He’s rightfully curious about why he hasn’t been turned yet, and mommy dearest responds that while she wants to, The Master has a greater plan for him. Hopefully it involves an attitude adjustment!

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