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The Sing-Off recap: Dance to the Music!

Six groups took the stage for a second time, but only five survived the night.

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The Sing Off Delilah
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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With two themes, 12 performances, and one elimination crammed into two hours, the third episode of The Sing-Off was an exercise in efficiency—and a welcome one at that! (I’m looking at you, two hour Dancing with the Stars results shows…)

The night began with a stirring group performance of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” which gave Kinfolk 9’s Moi his first opportunity to show off that gorgeous voice of his. Also impressive was the green-clad Vocal Point tenor, whose effortless belting made the whole song soar.

And then it was time to kick off the individual group (an appropriate oxymoron) performances. Last night, each group had to sing two songs: one current hit (which meant anything from 2008 on) and one hit from the 1960s. First up were the modern offerings:

Vocal Point – “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber

Sara Bareilles rightly pointed out that the BYU Mormons looked a little bit stiff as they attempted some decidedly current choreography (sorry, lanky lead singer, some people aren’t meant for hip-hop dancing—or Justin Bieber!), and because of their high tenor ratio, I felt like they lacked a solid bass sound. Still, by the time they reached the high-pitched “Pick it up up up!” section near the end, the whole performance had come together. B

Delilah – “Whataya Want From Me” by Adam Lambert

The breakout ladies from episode one took a big risk with their arrangement, which built one woman at a time until the whole group joined together for the final chorus, allowing super belter Amy to tear into lyrics like she did on “Grenade.” (But Amy’s not the only Delilah girl who can sang—Kendall, Ingrid, and bass Jo shined as well.) It was a nice effect, but for such an abbreviated performance, it took a pretty long time to crescendo. Still, Delilah brings a competitive intensity to the stage which makes me respect them a lot. The judges praised Delilah for capturing the mood of the song. B+

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