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The Sing-Off recap: Doo-Wop and Electropop

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Sing Off
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The Sing-Off

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You know that feeling when you aren’t quite crying, but your eyes still get all teary when you’re listening to something truly beautiful?

Well, I’ll admit it. That’s always what happens to me when I’m watching the opening number on The Sing-Off. Hearing so many voices belt out anthemic tunes in perfect harmony gives me chills, and last night, when the veritable rainbow of performers took to the stage with “Sing” by My Chemical Romance, was no exception. I was blown away. But then, I’m also a sucker for a well-placed arm-raise, and there were about 40.

Last night, the second bracket of eight groups took to the stage to perform their signature songs, and once again, two more were swiftly eliminated from the competition. On the whole, the eight performances weren’t quite as impressive as last week’s, but I truly think that had more to do with song selection than vocal ability.

Refreshingly, the judges continued to prove that they actually care about their role as judges, and they didn’t sugarcoat their critiques and tell the acts that they were all “Amazing” or “In it to win it.” Instead, they offered honest feedback (Ben: “You tore apart at the end”), constructive criticism (Shawn: “There was too much spacing between the harmonies”), and delightful anecdotes (Sara: “I remember I have a diary entry when I finally got into my a cappella group… these are my people!”).

But I don’t want to make the judging sound so dour—there were some all-star, joy-inducing performances last night as well! And now that I’ve got my new Street Corner Symphony album, Unpractice Makes Perfect, playing on repeat for recapping stamina, let’s break down how the night shook out:

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