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The Shannara Chronicles recap: Changeling

Wil falls for a half-baked Rover seduction. Again.

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The Shannara Chronicles

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Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler
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The Wil-Amberle-Eretria love triangle elbows its way front and center tonight as the three prettiest people in Arborlon make a series of decisions that radically shift the group dynamics. Also, two of them get naked.

First up is Amberle, who enters the Ellcrys to see if she’s worthy of the world-saving quest. Pollen to the face from an Ellcrys flower (rude!) sends her to a blasted, body-strewn wasteland.

Lorin appears, accusing her of never loving him but having feelings for someone else. Then Wil appears, wearing all black. Even his huge stone arts-and-crafts-fair necklace is dark. Say one thing for Wil Ohmsford, say he knows how to properly accessorize.

Dark Wil orders Amberle to kill him to prove her commitment to the quest, then attacks her with a sword in an aggressive manner that I don’t think real Wil could manage. He tells her to harden her heart because the fate of the world depends on her not letting fear or love distract her.

She finally runs him through with a sword, and Dark Wil gasps out that she passed the test. She then sees a vision of Wil, Eretria, and a stained glass window. She comes to inside the Ellcrys, bloody and disheveled, and the flower opens to reveal the Ellcrys seed, an avocado-sized silver pod. When she emerges, King Eventine booms, “The Ellcrys has chosen Amberle to carry the seed to the Bloodfire.” Amberle leaves the sanctuary, giving Wil a strange look and a wide berth.

We flip to the Changeling in the form of a castle guard and communicating with the Dagda Mor, astral-projection style. The DM orders it to kill Amberle before she leaves the palace. And in case you were worried that our favorite Druid is terrible at his job, the Changeling also says it’s taking all of its power to hide its presence. Unfortunately for the head Ellcrys-keeper, he notices the guard’s odd behavior and is rewarded with a sword through the throat. Also unfortunate is that he was one of two elves of color that we’ve seen, so now we’ve got even less diversity on this show than before.

So, as a reminder, Amberle has to take the Ellcrys seed to the Bloodfire, which is located in Safehold, and thanks to her vision quest, she now knows that Safehold lies beyond the Wilderun. Prince Ander reminds the king that he once met an elf with experience in the Wilderun, and the royal planning committee decides to send Amberle and Wil to meet him at Fort Dray Wood. A group of soldiers, led by Crispin Edensong (James Trevena-Brown), will accompany them.

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Wil can’t take Amberle’s strange behavior anymore, so he asks why she’s being weird. While I appreciate this direct approach, Amberle hedges and says she’s frightened. “It’s a good thing I’m coming with you,” Wil quips. “I can annoy the demons to death.” But she brusquely tells him not to let his emotions get in the way, and he looks stung. Okay, she’s taking the tree’s advice, but that’s no excuse for hurting Wil’s feelings.

Wil wanders outside and finds Bandon, who recoils from Wil’s offer to bandage the wounds on his wrists left by the chains. Bandon admits that when people touch him, he sees their death. In fact, when he touched Amberle, he saw her and another woman dead in a room with the stained glass from her vision.

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