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The Royals recap: And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing

The show’s crazy cliffhanger is revealed, while Eleanor shows some serious backbone

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Welp, here we are — at the next-to-last episode of the season! As one might expect so close to the finale, The Royals made sure to drop plenty of major hints and a few new reveals about the biggest story lines in the show, both revealing the identity of King Simon’s killer and placing Liam at a crossroads that’s sure to cement the course of his future career. And oh, Lenny definitely held her own this episode, making for a night that has me a bit sad that season is coming to a close. (Waaa!)

“And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing” kicked off with Pryce scanning video of the Duchess confessing to killing off poor Domino. While Pryce is kickin’ it in his lair and watching security tapes, he checks out Jasper’s video files and comes to the realization that his underling has taken upon himself to do some unauthorized sleuthing. This is not the kind of extra-credit assignment that gets you a gold star, so Pryce confronts him about it, knowing that Jasper’s this close to learning that Lucius isn’t responsible for killing the king. 

“There’s nothing you should know beyond this: The king’s murderer is in prison,” he tells Lucius. “I went out on a limb for you, Mr. Frost. I gave you a second chance, and a first and a third, as well. Let it go.”

Aside from bringing to mind approximately a million Frozen references, this little tete-a-tete serves another purpose by making Jasper all the more keen to learn the truth about what happened the night the king was murdered. Meanwhile, Pryce takes the video footage of the Duchess confessing to Domino’s brother, who, rather than feeling comforted that he’s know the truth about her death at long last, is absolutely hell-bent on getting revenge. “I’ve been chasing this moment for so many years… This is only the beginning, Mr. Pryce,” he says. “We have work to do. So much work to do.” Say what? Methinks whatever he schemes up will definitely be part of a bigger plan to take down the monarchy.

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Speaking of the monarchy, Liam — whose selfie-style video has made him a bona fide social media sensation — has inspired plenty of people to take action, including Helena. Her play? “Redemption,” she tells her assistant, Rachel, before taking off to warn Cyrus’ bride-to-be of the perils of wearing the crown. These include: no privacy, no real friends, and really annoying responsibilities. “Royalty is irreversible,” warns Helena. “If you expose your son to this life, to this world, there’s no going back.” But the maid-slash-baby momma doesn’t take kindly to Helena’s advice and, furthermore, wants to make Helena “irrevelant.” Adding salt to the wound? She plans on naming the new baby Simon. Oy.

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