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'The Royals' recap: 'Be All My Sins Remembered'

Deadly secrets about the Duchess emerge, and Liam starts a social media movement

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The Royals

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Elizabeth Hurley, William Moseley, Alexandra Park
Mark Schwahn
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So, what do you guys think of the possibility that our little Liam could one day be king of England? Sure, he has a thing for models and bottles, but no one can deny he has a heart for the people and a desire to do right by his father’s saintly legacy. All things considered, though, could this be enough to make our prince into a king? 

Judging by the events that unfolded this evening, it sure seems like it. “Be All My Sins Remembered” kicks off with Cyrus — who’s turned to drugs and alcohol to try and dull is pain somewhat after Violet’s disappearance — confronting Helena about his dearest maid. Of course, the scene in Helena’s bedroom — with our regal queen in a royally spotless nightgown, natch — gets dramatic, and crazy-looking Cyrus brandishes a sword about. Just as I was about to clutch my (imaginary) pearls, though, in comes Duchy, who saves her daughter by crashing a porcelain urn over Cyrus’ head, rendering him unconscious. Call me crazy, but I prefer Cyrus knocked out — he’s definitely less creepy that way.

While names are being called and things are being thrown about Real Housewives-style, Liam and Eleanor are having a powwow of sorts and trying to wrap their heads around the fact that their mother might have murdered Dominique. “I want to find out whether Mum’s an assassin. and I want to do it now,” Liam says, adding that he’s been up all night and is in a “horrible mood.” Poor prince, amirite? Eleanor takes it upon herself to do some investigating since she and her mother had a “really good day” during her birthday. Determined to give Helena the benefit of the doubt, Eleanor makes her way over to the queen’s quarters. 

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Of course, Helena’s not about to reveal that King Cyrus is lying unconscious, sprawled on her bed — ’cause that’s just plain shady — and in the hallway, Eleanor asks her mum a pretty simple question. “Who’s that girl?” she asks Helena, showing her the photo of she, the King and Dominique the day of the horse-riding competition all those years ago. “I don’t recall,” replies Helena. “Just some girl.”

Well, that answers that. “You were right,” Eleanor tells Liam moments later. “The bitch did it.” It’s not like Helena was tried in a court of law, but one thing’s obvious: The queen is lying through her royal teeth. “Let me know when you want to confront our murderous mother, won’t you?” Eleanor says, before retreating to presumably snort, crush, or inject something.