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'The Returned' recap: 'Victor'

Victor’s stay with Julie ends.

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Joseph Lederer

The Returned (A+E)

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Victor has a voice! And he’s been dead for 29 years. But more importantly: He has a voice!

Twenty-nine years ago, Victor was just a little boy reading bedtime stories with his mom. Cut to a bit later, and he wakes up to screaming and gunshots. And you thought waking up to your iPhone alarm was painful.

Victor hides in his closet, but it’s too late: One of the invaders finds him and speaks to him through the closet. He’s on Victor’s side though, and orders him to sing a song inside his head to distract himself from what’s going on. But then the nice invader’s accomplice comes in, sees that there’s someone in the closet, and shoots. Victor’s dead.

In the present day though, he’s very alive—and just witnessed (or perhaps played a part in) something traumatizing.


Last week ended with Victor visiting Nosy Neighbor while Julie was at the store grabbing something for dinner. There was something eerie about the situation—why would lil’ Vic go hang out with this neighbor who’s so obviously trying to take him away from Julie, his one ally? 

As it turns out, the two’s visit probably didn’t last long: Nosy Neighbor died. Julie walks into her apartment after hearing screams only to find the neighbor dead on the floor, her stomach cut into, and (warning: disgusting image incoming) cats eating her insides. The tunnel attacker is back, Julie assumes. 

Nikki, the cop who Julie hooked up with years ago, enters Julie’s apartment to talk about it—then, surprise, Victor pops out, scared silly after the lights go off in the bathroom. Julie handles the situation calmly, simply telling Nikki that Victor was lost and she’s been watching over him. Of all the people to tell, Nikki is not the person to go to about this if Julie wants to keep Victor. She finds this out later when Nikki insists on taking Victor to the Caldwell Community Center.

Before Victor leaves though, things get pretty disturbing. Julie comes across some drawings of cats eating the dead neighbor’s guts that Victor drew, and then finds him hiding in the closet. Although it seems like the tunnel attacker killed her due to the way she died, I’m also a bit suspicious of Victor. He was the one who we last saw her with, after all.

Julie doesn’t have much time to try to coax answers out of Victor though, as Nikki soon picks him up to take to CCC—where Helen, George’s widow, is also hanging out. Victor continues not speaking, but Peter tries to comfort him by telling him what he used to do when he was afraid: sing a song inside his head. This is just what the nice invader told Victor to do 29 years ago. Peter is the nice invader. And he probably has no idea that he’s talking to the kid he once tried to save.


Episode highlight: Camille, looking at her Facebook page, says, “People write the nicest stuff about me.” She says it with such delighted surprise, and it’s an interesting comment on social media and how it lives on past us. She might not be able to attend her own funeral, but Camille looking at the comments people left on her Facebook page once they thought she was dead is about the closet she can get to it.

Her Facebook time gets cut short though when Lena falls down the stairs, passed out from the deepening gash on her back. It’s bleeding through her tank top, and it’s bad—so bad that they have to take her to the hospital, where Lena gets mad at Camille. The gash appeared as soon as Camille returned, so Lena blames it on her undead sister. But there’s more to it than just that baseless teenage angst.

In a flashback, Lena visits the morgue right after Camille’s death to see her sister one last time. She lifts her sister up to hug her cold body, which reveals a deep gash—just like Lena’s—on Camille’s back. A metal part of the bus went through her back, Lena’s friend explains. Lena and Camille shared an orgasm, and now they’re sharing a crash injury. Now thata bond.

Although their daughter is sick with an unexplainable ailment, Claire and Jack get sidetracked after Jack gets called into the police station. Tommy thinks Jack might have killed Lucy since they had a relationship, and since Jack deposited $20,000 into Lucy’s bank account (as we know, this was payment for her sex-slash-supernatural services). Jack says he didn’t hurt her and returns to the hospital, where he has to face Claire—who Peter informed already about Jack being a suspect.

Jack tells Claire about how he had sex with Lucy because she claimed she could talk to Camille. She’s shocked, and he’s apologetic but not totally: “I was a mess,” he shrugs. The two seemed like they might be reuniting earlier in the episode, but that’s over now. Claire’s done.

NEXT: Rowan finds out the truth about some things.