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Real Housewives of Orange County recap: Season 11, Episode 12

Shannon’s mother-in-law gives manipulation a whole new meaning

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The Real Housewives of Orange County

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We learned some unexpected new things about the ladies of the OC in “Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs.” For starters, who knew that Shannon’s daughters were in their own little rock & roll band, aptly called “Lock – Ladies of Rock”?  We learned that Tamra is an even bigger s— stirrer than we ever thought possible while Vicki is ready to have sex and will make that known even if it means traumatizing her kids. And finally, Shannon is able to forgive — she does have that gene — it just goes dormant in regards to Vicki and her mother-in-law (but way more on that later).

So with that said, here’s where we are this week: Tensions are still high over the accident at Glamis. Tamra and Meghan aren’t speaking because Tamra heard that Meghan is spreading rumors that she was “reckless” and that’s why there was a crash. Shannon left Vicki a message to see how she was doing, but Vicki is refusing to call her back — which by the way, I totally respect because I still don’t get why Shannon and Meghan didn’t go visit her in the hospital and I still don’t get what Heather said that didn’t make the accident sound severe enough? Did Heather need to call screaming and crying when she too was in shock over the incident? It’s all an excuse because Meghan and Shannon just can’t admit that they iced Vicki out long enough over Cancer-gate. But, when Shannon invites Tamra over to a get together to help clean out/pack up the house she needs to be out of in 10 days… Tamra (who has now dubbed herself the Rodney “Can’t we all just get along?” King of the OC because of her mad peacekeeping skills) asks to bring along Kelly. You know, the same Kelly who called Shannon a “see you next Tuesday” and the same Kelly who thought Shannon “set her up” at the ‘70s party. Shannon says okay! Say what? She’ll let Kelly in her home after such craziness but it took an accident for her to even acknowledge Vicki’s existence?

I do give Shannon credit for at least trying to bury the hatchet with Kelly. Though that’s not to say things aren’t extremely awkward when Kelly walks in — bottle of bubbly in hand and all — and hugs Shannon while apologizing for her poor choice of words. I don’t want to pack for myself when I’m moving let alone anyone who called me a “see you next Tuesday” so props to Kelly for showing up — she must really be sorry! Meghan arrives, and Tamra is not happy to see her. Of course the accident comes up, and Tamra says her injured back feels okay unless she hyperextends it — which Meghan is dubious about. “Do you do that a lot?” she asks with an air of superiority. Why actually Tamra does because she exercises a lot to prep for her big fitness competition. It’s right about then that Tamra decides it’s time to leave because she doesn’t want to hang around when everyone is acting like there are no issues and no one wants to talk — namely Meghan. Which means that of course Tamra isn’t really leaving and of course a fight conversation begins.

Tamra tells Meghan that it’s not okay that she’s going around town telling everyone that the accident was because of Tamra’a reckless driving. Tamra was feeling guilty enough already — this made it worse. But thankfully it all came down to just a little misunderstanding. You see, Tamra told Meghan that the accident happened because she was feeling “over confident,” which is apparently how Meghan defines the word “reckless.” And Meghan didn’t like being made to feel like a terrible person for not going to see Vicki in the hospital. Here’s the deal: She’s not a “terrible” person, but it wasn’t the nicest thing she’s ever done in her life. Shannon chimes in to reiterate (again) that she didn’t fully understand the severity of the accident and finally called Vicki to see how she was doing. But seriously, what was there not to understand? It will remain one of my greatest housewives’ mysteries (right up there with Cancer-gate). Tamra and Meghan awkwardly make up, but they’re definitely on thin ice.

Meanwhile, Vicki is obviously not at Shannon’s packing party, but she is out to dinner for Brianna’s birthday where we learn that she has a very skewed view of herself. Ready? Vicki thinks she’s low maintenance, doesn’t cause fights, and is submissive. She’s also oblivious because I don’t think she had any idea that Brianna, Michael, and Ryan’s mouths were gaping open in disbelief. And Vicki also thinks her kids would like to know that when she does find her soul mate that she just wants to travel with him and have sex. WHAT!? Earmuffs please — no kids, no matter what their age, ever need to hear about anything to do with their mom’s sex life. EVER!

NEXT: Drama just follows Shannon everywhere — even her daughters’ concert