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Real Housewives of New York City recap: Airing Your Dirty Laundry

Tipsy girls, skinny girls, what’s the real difference?

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The Real Housewives of New York City

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TipsyGirlGate is far from over, you guys. Given the typical Real Housewives of New York City incident-to-episode ratio, it looks we’ve got at least a couple more weeks worth of prosecco-induced spat sessions to go, so chug-a-lug along because that’s why we’re all here, riiiight? Tonight, it’s Bethenny Frankel’s turn to speak about the “cheater brand” and all its lack of glory, and let’s just say, it might have been a less brutal move for her to just break a bottle of her own brand over Sonja Morgan’s head instead of the talking-to she delivers. Yowza.

Meanwhile, Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to a certain someone (*cough John cough*), but they’re going try to each put on their big girl panties and rekindle their old friendship flame … even if it does result in a giant, liquor-fueled explosion later. Burnnnn babies burn.

Tipsy vs. Skinny Girls

Bethenny Frankel’s pretty much running the alcohol game, and when she invited Sonja Morgan to join in on her brand summit meeting and take notes a while back, she should’ve already been feeling that knife pointed at her back from the start. Sonja’s always looking for a way to make a quick buck — whether it’s a toaster, jewelry line, wiring money to some prince who’s e-mailed with a promise to return the investment tenfold. So, she might as well peel off her outer layer and reveal exactly how green she is with envy over Bethenny’s success right now, and she *definitely* should just fess up to wanting a piece of the Skinny Girl pie. Or cocktail, as the case may be.

Sonja says she’s not “planning to be a ‘mogul’ like [her] girl Bethenny,” but the dollar signs flashing in her pupils say otherwise. After consulting with LuAnn de Lesseps, who, for the record, also would’ve given at least a friendly heads-up to Bethenny given the nature of this rip-off these product similarities. But, lo, it was gossip news sites that first confirmed the news that Sonja was making a play in the spirits department, which means Bethenny’s peeved double-fold (although corporate snaps for all the mentions of her brand this ep, right?) and their conversation is going to be beyond awkward. And just when Bethenny was getting somewhere in the love-life department by hanging with a new special someone “‘til four-a-mother-f—ing clock in the morning” which is, in her words, “some rock star s—.”

Bethenny first checks in with Ramona and Carole Radziwill at a random dinner (where Ramona shows just how much she knows/cares about Bethenny by ordering “fish and tuna,” both of which she’s allergic to). They agree that Sonja’s pulling some major B.S. with the Tipsy Girl title idea; Ramona even offers up her knife to make the final friendship cut. But Bethenny promises it’s going to be a clean break. “Here’s my mantra in life: I don’t f— with anybody. I don’t come for anybody. I never just f— with anybody. Just don’t f— with me.” (Anyone else imagining that exact line as the prologue to her next book?)

NEXT: Sonja’s ripped a new one, and Ramona gets the “talk to the hand” treatment …