Caitlin Brody
January 10, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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I’m afraid all my excitement about RHOBH being back to its delicious, juicy self has been kicked to the curb, just like Kathryn Edwards. Turns out, the whole Pantygate-Rinna-Eileen-Dorit feud makes my eyes glaze over every single time it’s brought up. It’s a foolproof combination.

We start tonight’s episode exactly where we left off last week — over lunch in Camille Grammer’s downsized yet still enormous mansion. Dorit says she’s frustrated over being dragged into the Eileen-LVP-Rinna drama, which is complete BS because she’s the one who can’t seem to butt out of everybody’s business. Pantygate comes up, and Dorit thinks the women have manipulated the situation entirely to make it seem like she was digging at Erika when she was only trying to “make light” of a situation. Um, yeah, okay.

Kyle is getting ready for one of her epically disastrous game nights. (Never forget, “slut pig” came out of a seemingly innocent game night — need I say more?) Kim comes over for a bit and I’m happy to say she looks great. She’s sober and has fully embraced grandmother-dom, which means she shows up to places with curlers in her hair. Honestly, though, she looks good and happy and it’s really nice to see. (Sure, one of those security tags that typically takes a machine to remove was still hanging from her dress and she seamlessly removed it with her fingers, but I’m choosing to ignore that.)

Kyle hired Cal, a professional game-night planner, for the night’s festivities. (Game-Night Planner needs needs needs to be a job for a future Bachelor contestant.) Cal takes his job very seriously, because why shouldn’t he? He has a Met Ball-level seating chart, offers demonstrations, and even throws the group for a loop by switching up the teams.

Meanwhile, Eden Sassoon is apparently becoming a RHOBH mainstay. I think she even had more screentime than LVP this week. She and the other women attend Kyle’s party, and Dorit is obsessed. Like, Dorit seems ready to leave PK in a second (but not before admitting she has a weak bladder and might pee all over Kyle’s cushions — a class act, that one). Dorit calls Eden a “beautiful girl,” says she’s “adorable,” and commends her sex appeal, hinting she likes to go skinny-dipping and knows the perfect heated pool where they can go. Dorit asks Eden if she’s a lesbian (she’s not). The whole thing feels particularly strange to me because I think the two look exactly alike.

Understandably, Kim is nervous to see Rinna at game night, but they actually start off on good terms: Rinna tells Kim she’s happy about Brooke’s pregnancy while smiling through clenched teeth. Kim thinks she believes her. Okay, so maybe they start off on good-ish terms.

Here are the things I learned during Kyle’s game night: Rinna thinks Toy Story‘ is one word, Dorit is incapable of making any sense with or without words, Kyle has great shoulders, and Eden is ridiculously competitive. Honestly, I’ve never seen someone so out of breath from charades. The woman is committed.

Shockingly, game night goes down without any name-calling or broken bones — maybe Cal really is worth his paycheck! All is going well … until Eileen decides to bring up her Malibu conversation with Dorit and Pantygate. I mean, why? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Dorit proceeds to spaz and claims Kyle has been “very involved from beginning to end” because she was with her when she bought the underwear. Also, because she likes to drag people through the dirt.

Eileen suggests Dorit should stop talking — I’ve never been in such agreement with Eileen — and Kim appropriately asks why it’s such a big deal for someone not to wear underwear. Let’s have more Kim, please. Dorit thinks Eileen is manipulative and the next thing you know, this becomes a fight between Kim and Rinna, the latter of whom goes for the gut and brings up Kim’s arrests. All of the women are aghast she’d stoop so low when Kim seems to be in such a great place. With Eden’s encouragement (she’s also sober), the poison between Rinna and Kim seems to dissipate and Rinna apologizes. The camera cuts to Camille, whom I forgot was even at the party to begin with…

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