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'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' premiere recap: 'House of Shade and Dust'

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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The ladies of Atlanta are back…and they’re not showing any signs of taking it easy on each other this season. Once again an official cast member, Shereé’s mansion is in direct competition with her new frenemy, Kenya. With Kenya’s house “ready” for company, this premiere episode focuses on the ladies getting ready to see her new place in all its unfinished glory. Let’s jump right in.

Kandi’s new baby boy, Ace, takes some time on the potty so his daddy, Todd, can quickly learn the ins and outs of raising a young boy. “You ready to take a dump this morning?” says Kandi, trying to move the whole process along. While both parents have other kids and are used to this part of the baby process, Todd still needs some practice in making baby formula. Thankfully, Kandi and Todd have each other to lean on during the early stages of raising kids — poop, late nights, and all.

Speaking of bathroom issues, Kenya reminds her dogs that just because her entire house is covered in paper, it’s not the place for a “pee-pee party”. Moore Manor is done (sort of), at least to the point where Kenya can live inside of it. Her 5 bed/5.5 bath house may be technically livable, but she’s still swamped in construction. On top of being surrounded by contractors on a daily basis, her relationship with Matt is on the rocks and those sharp edges are cutting in deep. After an intense fight between the two, Matt went into a violent frenzy when he believed Kenya was cheating on him. The couple is still together — again, technically — but they haven’t seen one another in person for weeks.

Just down the block, touting an extra 2.5 baths over Kenya’s expansive manor, Chateau Shereé is giving Atlanta’s real estate scene something to be jealous over. Her gigantic new mansion isn’t just a sign of Shereé’s epic return to the Housewives fold, but also an ever-present jab at Kenya’s own attempt at a lavish home. Of course, she still has more work to do, but apparently the new house will be fully ready to occupy within six weeks. As for the friendship between Kenya and Shereé? That needs even more work than both of their homes combined.

Not completely on the right side of Kenya’s mind, Phaedra is still living the good life with her two boys. She does have a blossoming friendship with Porsha, who actually stops by to get the tea about the new dating landscape. With both ladies now single, it looks like they’re leaning on each other for some wing-woman action when they’re out and about. “Girl, this lemonade is better than Chik-fil-A!” says Porsha of Phaedra’s drink-making skills. Suddenly, a man dressed in a cheap white tuxedo knocks on Phaedra’s door with a mysterious invitation in hand. As Phaedra begins to open the card, the man heads back to the street where there’s a carriage with white horses — which tips off Phaedra and lets her know the tacky gesture must be the handiwork of one Miss Kenya. Announcing the housewarming of Moore Manor, Kenya’s invitation makes sure to note her guest’s plus-one must be “hot and not a thot.” Lovely.

NEXT: Cynthia ends her marriage with Peter


On a dourer note, Cynthia meets with a lawyer to iron out the details of her divorce from Peter. While the couple going their separate ways isn’t a complete shock, Cynthia is still heartbroken over ending a relationship with someone she once deemed her true love. Apparently, the couple has been living apart for three months, firmly signifying to Cynthia that it’s time to move forward with her life sans Peter. She decides to FaceTime him a few days after visiting the lawyer, but Peter isn’t feeling as friendly as she is about their situation. He tells her he’s “with his girlfriend” at the moment, which Cynthia quickly learns is actually his job and not a woman. The two try to find a peaceful way of talking about divorce, but Peter hangs up on her. The anger seems to be taking over his overall mindset on the situation, with no hope in sight for reconciliation.

Taking the opposite approach to anger, Porsha is on the up and up, heading to weekly anger-management sessions to work on her tendency of violent outbursts. During one intimate session, she shares that she was heavily bullied in middle school and high school, causing her to react in extreme anger towards those who don’t show her kindness now. At first, Porsha thought the therapy sessions were more about giving her thoughtless and bogus advice, but she’s come to see that they’re an opportunity for her to learn more about herself in an honest way, forcing her to reexamine how she approaches the hard moments in day-to-day life.

With all the ladies accounted for, it’s time for them to don their best outfits and grab a hard hat for Kenya’s housewarming party. But hold up… Not everyone has an invitation yet. Well, well, well, it looks like Kenya didn’t forget to invite Shereé; she was just savoring the moment so she could throw shade at her frenemy. Kenya calls Shereé and asks her to attend the shindig, but she makes sure to throw in that she didn’t send a horse-drawn carriage because she wasn’t sure if Shereé was living in a “tent in the woods” or “under the freeway.” Being the queen she is, Shereé laughs off the insult and hangs up the phone before Kenya can attempt another joke. Now, finally, let’s get to the supposed housewarming gig.

Cynthia arrives to Kenya’s party first, which gives the friends some time to talk about Matt and where he stands in Kenya’s life. It turns out Matt did send over some apology balloons and a card, but Kenya isn’t ready to allow him back into her life after his aggressive behavior. While Kenya sorts through her feelings upstairs, the rest of her guests begin to arrive, including Shereé — who’s ready to read the house from top to bottom. A red carpet over a patch of dirt causes Shereé to swap out her high heels for a pair of flats so she won’t fall over trying to get in the house. Kenya greets her “friend,” but quickly throws in a jab about how she’s glad her house took less than five years to build — unlike Shereé’s. With those first shots fired, Shereé tries to grin and bear it all, asking if Kenya invited Porsha to the party. Of course, Kenya admits she purposely didn’t invite Porsha, since the end of last season showed Porsha chasing a girl down at another soiree.

Surprise, surprise, Kenya! Phaedra brought a plus-one…and it’s none other than Porsha! It seems Phaedra didn’t tell anyone who she invited, but no one is happy to see Porsha on the invite list, especially when one false step in this house could send anyone crashing into the backyard’s ravine. Now that everyone has been officially reintroduced, the drama next week will be on full blast — including a surprise party crasher in the form of Kenya’s “complicated” boyfriend, Matt. I’m sure Shereé’s house will be a little closer to completion by then, so she can declare herself the “winner” in whatever competition she has going on with Kenya.