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Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Season 9, Episode 4

Block tries to weasel his way back into Riley’s life, but he doesn’t want to try too hard

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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The battle of the Moore Manor and Chateau Shereé doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping, and neither does Kandi’s battle to give her daughter the justice she deserves from Block. With emotional fractures running up and down the streets of Atlanta, the ladies attempt to find some fun and reconciliation in the midst of all the turmoil. Let’s just see how quickly these positive attempts crumble to pieces, shall we?

Starting out on a high note, Cynthia and Noelle take a break after a lovely game of tennis to talk about their upcoming trip to L.A. With her marriage with Peter finally heading into the final phase of divorce, Cynthia is ready to begin a new chapter in her life. What is the best means for accomplishing this? Expanding into a new business venture! Move over, Cynthia Bailey Eyewear, and say hello to Cargo: the new accessory collection ready for the masses. Cynthia knows she still has that youthful glow, but the importance of reaching the younger demographic is too vital for her to not use a new model to reveal the goods. Picking from her own family line, Cynthia passes the modeling baton to Noelle, choosing her as the official face of Cargo. It’s off to L.A. for the Baileys!

Trying to get her own family in line, Shereé reveals to her kids — well, grown teens, really — that the Chateau is finally almost ready to move into. While everyone is excited, the big question about the new house is whether Bob will be a member of it. Technically this makes some sense, as Bob and Shereé have been reconnecting since their messy breakup years before, but Shereé still has some qualifications for him before anything changes. For one, she feels Bob never truly apologized for cheating on her, but more importantly, she still can’t get past the fact Bob left his family on their own. Thankfully, Shereé has the opportunity to lay all of her feelings out on the table, since Bob planned a get-together to talk about the house.

Following closely behind in the family drama, Kandi stops by Mama Joyce’s house to share the news of Block trying to get back into Riley’s life. Of course, Joyce isn’t having it; she knows Block has always been a deadbeat and can’t understand why he would even try to reconcile with Riley. After 13 years of distance, it makes complete sense for both Kandi and Joyce to be wary of letting Block back into their lives, but even now, they agree it’s up to Riley to decide if she wants to pursue anything further with her dad. Based on last week’s talk, it seems Riley isn’t falling for any of Block’s attempts — but, of course, he won’t go away that easily.

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