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The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: 'Nice to Metria'

Meet new cast member, Demetria McKinney, and more importantly, her baffling boyfriend, Roger Bobb.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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There are a lot of non-realities I’m willing to accept as “truth” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta: mortal enemies taking international trips together; the idea that anything Peter does would be more interesting than even just watching Gregg try to use an iPhone or shop for paisley shirts; going to restaurants and not eating food. But one thing I must stand firm on… Roger Bobb is not a real person’s name. And if there hadn’t been that scene where he momentarily tolerated Kenya’s presence in his windowless office—why do all of these successful people willingly work in fluorescent light cages?—it would be easy to believe he’s not a real person at all.

Despite being skin and bones, and a pretty successful seeming person, the Roger Bobb presented tonight is about as real as THE BLOGS. Roger Bobb is just a siphon—a tall, Tyler Perry loving, executive producing siphon, used to connect one Housewife (who’s not a housewife) to another Housewife (also not a housewife). But much like the women of RHOA, I get some sort of sick satisfaction from saying his name over and over, and while I don’t love the weird lady-bashing vibes that were hovering around this storyline, I did love how disinterested Roger Bobb seemed in having anything to do with helping Kenya produce The Life and Lies of Kenya Moore.

I have to say, this is kind of one of my favorite types of no-stakes RHOA episodes: Within the already guilty pleasure of even watching this show is the truly guilty pleasure of watching the two main storylines alternate between real-life serious situations like a father going to jail, and hilariously “Oh, you know who I just saw the other day and invited to a party where their enemy will be…” falsity attempting to be played off as a natural occurrence. And within that, some of the most heinous outfits this series has seen this season. It’s like a damn Bravo turducken. I simply can’t wait to get to the visual explosion that was the photoshoot scene between BFFs4eva Kenya, Cynthia, and Claudia.

Speaking of… the whole purpose of Roger Bobb (short for Roger Robert?) is to introduce new cast member, Demetria McKinney. In the vein of Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore before her, Demetria is a very famous actress that you’ve never heard of (caveat: unless you watched House of Payne/Deal or No Deal/Whatever Kenya Was On). She first shows up while Cynthia is conducting a very important meeting at The Bailey School for Undeclared Professions and Probably Tax Evasion. Demetria enters the building for undeclared professional purposes and Cynthia introduces her to the audience thusly: “Demetria McKinney is a super talented singer/actress who I’ve been cool with for years.” Cynthia. Try a little harder, boo.

For as important as this show is to Cynthia, she has always been the worst at faking any sort of interaction or relationship. Demetria is looking for a “chocolate man” either for a music video or general amusement; her intentions are unclear. What is very clear is that she’s there to inform her new coworker that she is currently dating Roger Bobb and has been, on-and-off for “dang-near eight years.” Cynthia and Peter have known Roger Bobb for dang-near even longer than that and they’ve never known him to have a girlfriend, so Cynthia is shocked to hear that intel. This whole episode is a practice in 40-year-old women not being able to understand what an on-again-off-again relationship is. Demetria invites Cynthia to the party she’s having for her music video (a thing!), and when Cynthia says she’ll of course bring along her “girlfriends Kenya and Claudia” to a party that isn’t hers to invite people to, Demetria tells her she’s a little hesitant about Kenya.

You see, at the last fake party for a kind-of-real event (Cynthia’s magazine spread) Kenya was seen in a photo with Roger Bobb and THE BLOGS Just. Went. Wild. THE BLOGS could not contain themselves with the possibility of Roger Bobb—ROGER BOBB!—and Kenya Moore—KENYA MOORE!—being an item. And that kind of annoyed Demetria…

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