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The Path recap: The Hole

The Meyerists face fallout from their various Ascension Day decisions — and mostly double down

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The Path

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Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, Hugh Dancy

Last week’s Ascension Day festival set off a lot of fireworks, as holidays are wont to do. Hawk and Ashley hooked up, Eddie decided to try ascending the next rung of the ladder (7R) with Cal, and Sarah took charge of the Ridge situation. This week’s episode is a little quieter and concerns itself mostly with the fallout of those big twists.

While digging his hole, Eddie sees a vision of Cal and Sarah making out. Having already seen a vision of the catatonic Stephen Meyer, Eddie seems prone to visualizing his deep-down worst fears. The last one was true, though, so Eddie would be forgiven for freaking out about this one. He knows enough to not tell Cal what he saw at least.

Hawk and Ashley ended up passing out beside the campfire. No sex, despite their passionate kissing — just a lot of alcohol and adrenaline. Hawk wakes up and hurriedly rushes home, but it’s too late. Everyone else has already noticed his absence, and he finds them gathered in the living room. Joy rats him out, having previously spotted him and Ashley together. Eddie wants everyone to calm down, but Sarah’s freaking out — just as she does about everything, apparently.

Eddie’s got bigger things on his mind. He can’t get that vision of Cal and Sarah out of his head. He nonetheless tries to take a calm tone with Sarah when they’re alone, reminding her that Hawk’s just a teenager with hormones. Eddie says he’s grateful that his parents didn’t push back against his youthful rebellion. Sarah, naturally, goes way over the line by bringing up Eddie’s dead parents and suicidal brother. Before Eddie can get too mad, however, Cal shows up for his turn to yell at Sarah. He’s infuriated that Sarah sent Freddie Ridge and his mother to Peru for treatment against his explicit orders. John Ridge, whom Cal is counting on as a big potential donor, has already given him an earful. Eddie stops Cal and asks him to leave — the animosity has probably cooled his jealousy, and now he’s stepping in as Sarah’s husband and protector.

Cal leaves, but it doesn’t cool him down. He furiously calls Silas in Peru but only gets voicemail. He tries getting an immediate flight to Peru, but there aren’t any available. This, of all moments, is when Mary decides to waltz in and tell him she and Sean had sex. She couldn’t have picked a worse time, and Cal furiously tells her to leave. After she does, he ends up shaking with rage again. His delicate self-control seems to waver so easily — maybe he should have kept Mary around. She usually calms him.

Abe Gaines is a bit at a loss after learning about Wesley Cox’s evil. His daughter is still sick and not getting better. His investigation into the Meyerists seems to be faltering. He even meets with Alison in her motel room but matches her crying with mansplaining. He doesn’t seem convinced by her theory that Meyerists murdered her husband; if it’s true, after all, why is she staying so close to the Meyerist compound? Later, he has a colleague check out Alison and her husband’s bank records; the erratic movement of money over a short period indicates some kind of trafficking operation to these detectives. Gaines’ fellow agent can tell that he’s upset and offers to connect him with his priest. “He doesn’t care if you’re not Catholic,” Agent Fredericks says, somehow sounding like a vision of tolerance compared to Sarah and the buggy Meyerists. Gaines barely listens, but it does seem to motivate him to do something else.

Sarah wants Hawk to leave school, just as he was begging to do at the beginning of the series, but he refuses. He may have hated high school before, but now he’s met a pretty girl he likes. Very classic. Eddie’s dissatisfaction with Meyerism is starting to show in moments like these, where he seems chill with bending rules, but ultimately he just repeats religious dogma in response to Hawk’s questions. Mostly, he just wants to make sure it’s not his fault, that Hawk’s not acting out because of Eddie’s “affair.” Hawk assures Eddie that’s not the case, but seeing his father waver undoubtedly encouraged him to do the same.

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