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The Originals season 3 premiere recap: For the Next Millennium

The arrival of Klaus’ progeny brings danger and drama.

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Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

Family dynamics are inherently complicated and, therefore, inherently interesting. And when you make your family 1,000-year-old vampires, there’s a lot of drama that comes along with it. The risk is that you could find yourself drowning in years and years of mythology, overdone antics, and quite literally, history repeating itself. 

And yet, up until this point, The Originals has done a beautiful job of establishing this family, its history, its issues, its triumphs, its darker issues, and everything in between. And the season 3 premiere continues that tradition. In fact, I’d venture to say that it works better than ever before. Let’s recap, shall we?

Act One: Remember when we all had long hair?

This week’s flashback is an Originals fan’s dream come true: All five Original siblings together in one scene, bickering, murdering, and doing everything we love them to watch them do. This time, we are taken back to 1002 A.D. in southern France, where Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn are on the run from their father. They’re traveling around, killing people, hiding the bodies, and keeping moving. 

It’s here that we get the first glimpse at the idea that the siblings should split up. Not surprisingly, it’s Kol and Finn who think it might be time to say goodbye to their siblings, but leader Elijah will have none of it. Despite the fact that original Finn just spoke more than he probably ever has in his life, Elijah is sticking to their vow: Family above all, always and forever. (So apparently Kol and Finn were always-and-forever siblings at one point.)

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On to the next topic of debate: Rebekah is sick of living on the run. She suggests they steal the clothing off the backs of their latest victims and masquerade as nobles at the gala at a nearby castle. But other than their stunning cheekbones, nothing about this group screams “nobility.” Thankfully, Elijah finds a personal servant to the count — the count who’s throwing the gala — in the cart. In order to spare his life, the young servant — named Lucien — offers to mentor the Original siblings. 

Despite Elijah’s rule that they never leave alive anyone who has seen what they are, Rebekah asks, “Please can we keep him?” And you know what, Finn thinks they should. FINN HAS THOUGHTS! 

They put the topic to a vote, with the decision ultimately coming down to Klaus, who votes they keep the boy and give it a try. 

There’s something about watching these people, whom we’ve always known to be so poised and worldly, completely out of their depth and amazed at something as simple as a gala that is endlessly entertaining. But Lucien does his job, and the count welcomes them into his home. (One point to the cheekbones…and Rebekah’s cleavage.)

It’s there that Klaus first lays eyes on Tristan and Aurora, the count’s children. And let’s just say that Klaus — like most men — is taken by Aurora. 

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