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The Originals recap: The Axeman's Letter

One day in town, and Aurora has already driven a wedge between Elijah and Klaus.

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
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Drama, Fantasy

Well, if you’ve felt like this season has been building to something big, I think it’s safe to say that things are officially underway. It’s finally happened: After years and years and years of lies, anger, forgiveness, and, ultimately, love, Elijah has (at least temporarily) given up on his brother. If Klaus wants a war, then, as Elijah puts it, “so be it.” (Never did I think that someone saying “so be it” would give me chills.)

Act One: The death of choker scarves

We will start with Davina because much of what happens in this hour has to do with the fact that it’s once again time for Fete de Kado, marked by the Axeman Jazz Fest. (Fun fact: The Axeman was a real thing.) For the witches, it means that it’s time for them to bring an offering to their regent. In return for paying tribute to their regent, they get a party. Seems simple enough, but considering that it’s Davina’s first public event since Hayley murdered all those witches, she figures it wouldn’t hurt to enlist Hayley and Jackson as body guards.

The couple reluctantly agrees because it’s not as if they have much of a choice considering that Davina’s candle is the only thing keeping them on two legs. However, that’s not the case for long.

About halfway through the ceremony, Davina realizes just how sick she is of being given goats (and pigs and bunnies). It might sound weird, but it’s that realization that gets to her to an even bigger one: She needs to stop trying to emulate Josephine — because really, no one can pull off a choker scarf — and learn to rule in her own way.

Her first order of business? Dealing with the son of the witch she sent Hayley to kill. Jackson found him about to perform a spell that would force Davina to confess all her sins. But instead of punishing him, Davina invites him to help her rule the witches in a new way. He’s not fully on board…yet.

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Her second order of business is much simpler: Getting the ancestors to grant her the power to lift the spell on the wolves for good. Looks like Jackson and Hayley can get used to this whole human thing again.

Elsewhere, Cami and Vincent are tracking Lucien around the jazz festival when Lucien decides he wants some one-on-one time with Cami. As he informs her, just because she knows Klaus does not mean that she knows him. And while he might not be able to harm her without feeling the wrath of Klaus, Lucien has a wrath all his own.

Example A: He seems to leave his next victim for her to find. And when the cops show up and find only her handprints on the victim, well, they get a search warrant. And not surprisingly, finding Cami’s closet of magical weapons does not help her case. Suddenly, Kinney’s putting her in handcuffs and taking her to the station. Yeah, Klaus is going to be pissed.

Act Two: The greatest love story never told

This week’s set of flashbacks is all about Klaus and Aurora and their epic love. We start with present day Aurora remembering a letter that Klaus wrote her about how he never meant for her to know him and how she makes him forget the monster that he is. But in present day, Aurora’s writing a letter of her own, and it’s Klaus’ first indication that she’s in the city.

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