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'The Originals' recap: 'I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans'

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Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

So far, this season of The Originals really feels like the show has found its stride. In a way, what the Trinity has introduced is another set of Original siblings. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah all have mini-me versions of themselves, and it’s only making the show better. After all, if the most interesting part of your show is family dynamics, why not expand upon those dynamics and further complicate things, right? Well, that’s what season 3 appears to be doing, and it is working.

Act One: What are we going to do about Lucien?

Back in 1002 A.D., we find that Klaus has mastered the art of the spiral curl while Lucien can’t seem to stop thinking about the beautiful Aurora. In fact, he loves her so much that he wants to run away with her. The trick is that her highly protective — and slightly incesty? — brother Tristan won’t let anyone near her. As a result, Lucien asks Klaus if he can get her a letter for him.

Fun fact: Klaus can get her a letter, but it’s not because he has vampire speed. It’s because he often spends his nights with Aurora … as her lover. And when Lucien catches them, he’s so upset that he’s unable to run away when Tristan discovers him. And cue the painful torture scene that involves relentless whipping and, of course, Tristan giving Lucien a Glasgow smile.

Meanwhile, in present day, Lucien is running around his enormous penthouse shirtless when Detective Kinney calls him into the precinct to question him about the murders. Cami and Vincent meet them there. (Sadly, Lucien puts on a shirt.)

Once Lucien compels Kinney to talk to Cami alone — though Vincent makes sure to come along — Lucien tries to convince them that he isn’t the one behind the murders by telling them his sob story. Needless to say, Cami’s not buying it. And as Vincent puts it, “Messed up new guy comes to town. Messed up new guy is responsible for murders.” It’s not eloquent, but it does make sense.

Also not buying Lucien’s story? Klaus and Elijah, who decide they need to kill him considering that he fits into both the “friend” and the “foe” categories of Freya’s prediction. But when Lucien’s prophet gives Elijah a taste of his future, her vision specifically shows Lucien using Cami and Marcel as part of his plan.

With that, Klaus is off to find Cami, and Elijah heads to find Marcel.

Act Two: Anger is sexy

While Klaus and Elijah handle their business, Hayley is busy readjusting to human life. Turns out, living on the streets of New Orleans isn’t great for a newborn baby (or a hybrid just recently back in human form).

Between loud street musicians and Hayley’s general temperament, Jackson gets an idea. Calling Freya to babysit, Jackson takes Hayley to Marcel’s fighting gym to blow off some steam.

With each of them grabbing a staff (?), they enter the cage and let Hayley get out her hatred of Klaus along with the stress that comes with Davina (and a candle) currently controlling their fate. Oh, and has she mentioned how hungry she is?

So naturally, when she makes Jackson bleed, her vampire side takes over. Only, Jackson thinks it’s sexy. What begins as a minor feeding session turns into a bigger feeding session, which then turns into an even bigger sex session. Because why not?

NEXT: An old face and a new face


Elsewhere, Marcel is informing his vampires that there will be no feeding on tourists until he says so, but just as he instructs Josh — hey Josh! — to gather blood bags, he gets an unexpected visitor.

Everyone, meet Aya, the Vampire Black Widow based on that move she just pulled. Aya informs Marcel that she was instructed to make him an offer, and when he tries to refuse — get it? — she knocks him out.

By the time Marcel wakes up, Aya is able to explain said offer: She’s willing to help Marcel with blood bags and daylight rings. Well, “they” are. Fun fact: Aya — whom Elijah sired — belongs to the oldest society of vampires, responsible for countless wars, plagues, and assassinations. And of course, its headed up by none other than Tristan.

Act Three: Hello, old friends

Coming face to face with his progeny, Elijah joins the party to find out just what Tristan’s doing in town. Tristan updates his sire on the brewing war and warns him that Klaus cannot kill Lucien. Considering that neither Tristan nor Aurora have the weapon that can kill an Original, Lucien must have it (or at least know where it is).

Thankfully, Klaus hasn’t kill Lucien yet. Instead, he’s heard him out. According to Lucien, Tristan is the one murdering innocent men all around town and framing Lucien for the crimes. And you know what? Klaus seems to believe him.

In a flashback, we finally get the story of how Lucien became the first ever vampire progeny. After Klaus went to him to comfort him after the beating, Lucien stabbed Klaus out of anger. But when Lucien then cut himself with the same blade, they discovered the healing powers of vampire blood.

Moments later, when Lucien tried to kill Tristan and was killed by a guard, they would discover that dying with vampire blood in your system would turn you into a vampire. Suddenly, Lucien was a baby vamp learning to walk going on his first killing spree.

Back in present day, the cops find another murder victim, which means it couldn’t have been Lucien. He’s free to go. But Elijah gets to Klaus in time to keep him from killing his progeny just yet. For now, Elijah and Klaus are a team, but as Elijah later informs his brother, it is not forgiveness.

Elijah’s plan is to get the weapon from Lucien and then use it to kill both Tristan and Lucien. But hearing Elijah use the word “we” softens Klaus’ cold heart, leading him to sort of apologize for some of his actions. Regarding Freya’s prophecy, Klaus tells his brother, “I want you to know you will never fall by my hand. Elijah’s response? Leaving the room without a word.

But it seems the party hasn’t even begun: In the hour’s final moments, Aurora calls Tristan to inform him — as she stands among a room full of dead monks — that she’s headed to New Orleans. In fact, she’ll be there shortly.

Altogether, I have no complaints about this hour. The show is doing a great job of building the tension surrounding this sire-line war. My biggest problem is choosing an Elijah Moment of the Week. Perhaps his “I never could resist a good spoiler” when deciding to use Lucien’s prophet. Either that or the supportive hand on his brother’s shoulder in the flashback.

What did you all think of the episode? What’s your Elijah Moment of the Week? Hit the comments or find me on Twitter @samhighfill