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The Originals recap: You Hung the Moon

Hayley is back, and she is one angry hybrid.

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Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

If you think that a potential sire-line war is going to be the one thing that brings the Mikaelsons back together around the dinner table, think again. They have bigger problems than their blast-from-the-past buddy Lucien carrying on about white oak remnants and prophecies. Hayley is missing. Elijah must search the woods for her in a dazzling suit, while holding Hope in his arms as I swoon from my couch. Jackson arrives, with nothing but a tree trunk to cover his bloody, beaten, fully nude body. How can there be so much manliness in one opening scene? The Originals writers totally get me. 

Elijah and Jackson are worried that Hayley may be one of the wolf corpses Elijah stumbled across while he was cracking the necks of the “precious” Kingmaker hunters who were hired to rid the woods of these vicious beasts. What they don’t know is that Davina lured Hayley into the cemetery to help her take care of a little problem. You see, there’s a particular witch who can’t stand Davina, and she’s decided to respond with a show of force. Unfortunately, if she’s caught striking those of her kind, she could inadvertently start a civil war. She agrees to temporarily break Hayley’s curse (the one where she’s human ONLY on the full moon) in exchange for a tiny little spinal-cord snap. Hayley agrees.

After finding some pants, Jackson and Elijah accuse Klaus of doing something to Hayley. Klaus promises he had nothing to do with the hunters. Jackson knows that something is wrong. It’s a full moon, and Hayley would never miss time with her daughter. While Jackson rallies a search party, Klaus announces that he’s going to stay with Hope just in case the wolves decide to skip town with her again. Elijah laughs, reminding Klaus that Hope is probably going to leave of her own accord one day. Ouch. Too bad Klaus is on Cami’s hit list, because a low blow like that deserves at least two sessions on the couch. 

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Cami has more important things to do than be Klaus’ emotional sounding board. There’s a killer on the loose and a new hot detective to impress. (PS: How cute is Will Kinney? It’s good to have Jason Dohring back on my small screen. Be still my Veronica Mars-loving heart!) Cami searches the Internet for “Lucien Castle” while listening to sad rock and creating a psychological profile on the new weirdo in town. It turns out, Lucien is all about challenging authority. Sounds like someone who may have a splinter of white oak, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Davina works on a cloaking spell so Hayley can sneak up on the renegade witch without being noticed. Davina whips up a magical flame and tells Hayley that as long as the flame burns, the curse won’t be activated. She can stay human. 

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