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'The Originals' recap: 'You Hung the Moon'

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Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

If you think that a potential sire-line war is going to be the one thing that brings the Mikaelsons back together around the dinner table, think again. They have bigger problems than their blast-from-the-past buddy Lucien carrying on about white oak remnants and prophecies. Hayley is missing. Elijah must search the woods for her in a dazzling suit, while holding Hope in his arms as I swoon from my couch. Jackson arrives, with nothing but a tree trunk to cover his bloody, beaten, fully nude body. How can there be so much manliness in one opening scene? The Originals writers totally get me. 

Elijah and Jackson are worried that Hayley may be one of the wolf corpses Elijah stumbled across while he was cracking the necks of the “precious” Kingmaker hunters who were hired to rid the woods of these vicious beasts. What they don’t know is that Davina lured Hayley into the cemetery to help her take care of a little problem. You see, there’s a particular witch who can’t stand Davina, and she’s decided to respond with a show of force. Unfortunately, if she’s caught striking those of her kind, she could inadvertently start a civil war. She agrees to temporarily break Hayley’s curse (the one where she’s human ONLY on the full moon) in exchange for a tiny little spinal-cord snap. Hayley agrees.

After finding some pants, Jackson and Elijah accuse Klaus of doing something to Hayley. Klaus promises he had nothing to do with the hunters. Jackson knows that something is wrong. It’s a full moon, and Hayley would never miss time with her daughter. While Jackson rallies a search party, Klaus announces that he’s going to stay with Hope just in case the wolves decide to skip town with her again. Elijah laughs, reminding Klaus that Hope is probably going to leave of her own accord one day. Ouch. Too bad Klaus is on Cami’s hit list, because a low blow like that deserves at least two sessions on the couch. 

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Cami has more important things to do than be Klaus’ emotional sounding board. There’s a killer on the loose and a new hot detective to impress. (PS: How cute is Will Kinney? It’s good to have Jason Dohring back on my small screen. Be still my Veronica Mars-loving heart!) Cami searches the Internet for “Lucien Castle” while listening to sad rock and creating a psychological profile on the new weirdo in town. It turns out, Lucien is all about challenging authority. Sounds like someone who may have a splinter of white oak, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Davina works on a cloaking spell so Hayley can sneak up on the renegade witch without being noticed. Davina whips up a magical flame and tells Hayley that as long as the flame burns, the curse won’t be activated. She can stay human. 

NEXT: Elijah goes for the throat [pagebreak]

Back at the Mikaelson estate, Cami shows up to tell Klaus that she thinks Lucien is the one behind the two bizarre Joker-face murders. She makes Klaus promise that he will talk to Lucien — or worse. She pours it on thick, saying that he is “the smartest and the strongest and the scariest” and he needs to make the murders stop. What he can’t stop is the sexual tension in that moment. 

Across town, Elijah pays Lucien a visit but is unable to enter his apartment because of a boundary spell. Elijah conducts business through the open door, inquiring why Lucien’s Kingmaker corporation insists on killing wolves. Elijah calls it butchering. Lucien calls it population control. Then he starts talking smack about the hybrid Klaus knocked up. That bout of honesty resulted in Elijah breaking a table in the lobby and tossing one of the legs at Lucien. It landed in his jugular. It was gross and cool at the same time. Jackson uses this distraction to pounce on Lucien and bite him. Someone is not playing games and needs to be invited in, pretty please. 

While Elijah hangs out in a doorway, Freya chooses to hang out with a frat boy and Klaus chooses to embarrass her by celebrating Freya for bringing her first guy home, even though said guy just called Klaus “bro.” Klaus calls him Brad, Chad, and Brody in one conversation. It was as awesome as the dude’s popped collar. He compels Brad to hit the road because he needs Freya to perform a locator spell on Hayley. When she does, Freya can’t find her — it’s as if she doesn’t exist. (Thank you cloaking spell.) All of a sudden, Jackson begins to transform.

Hayley begins to transform too. We see Davina pleading with the ancestors to keep the curse dormant. If she does this for Hayley, she can get close to Klaus. The flame ignites, and both Jackson and Hayley stop transforming. Hayley gets down to business and kills the woman, but is met with a coven that give her a witchy headache. Hybrid down!

When daylight breaks, we find Elijah sauntering around the apartment as Lucien struggles with his growing wolf bite. Elijah informs him that he needs Klaus’ blood to heal his wound. Lucien blows him off, irritated that none of this will matter thanks to the pending sire war. Remember Tristan? He knows that if he kills Klaus, he will eliminate all of his enemies. This makes Elijah pause. Lucien babbles on about how the Mikaelsons are no longer immune to death. It’s coming. He didn’t say it as eloquently as the chick who warned Klaus through poetry, but Elijah still got the gist. 

NEXT: Won’t you be my neighbor[pagebreak]

For Davina, death has already arrived. Not one, but 11 witches were killed and lay charred in a big pile with a ton of mourners around them. Marcel warns Davina to clean up her mess, while Klaus calls Lucien and asks him to do the same with his own side hobby of murdering innocent people. Klaus invites Lucien over to drink his blood, but Lucien refuses. He has his own cure that’s tucked away in a suitcase. I’m sure Klaus will be thrilled when he learns of this new fact.

Klaus hangs up with Lucien just in time to see Hayley knock Freya into a brick wall. She and Klaus literally fight in the courtyard, up the stairs, and on the balcony at vamp speed. Hayley pleads with Klaus to give their daughter a life that is more stable than what they both experienced growing up. Klaus stops dead in his tracks as Hayley beats him silly, begging him to fight back! She turns around to see Hope, standing by the very dangerous balcony. With a couple of hybrids, a vampire, a wolf, and a witch all staring at her, I guess if she did fall, she’d have a good chance of someone catching her. Safety first, supernaturals. 

Hayley scoops Hope up in her blood-stained arms. She weeps as Klaus looks on sadly. My guess is that he’s not thinking about germs like I am. Hayley wants to take Hope away, and it’s Elijah who steps in with the solution that Jackson, Hayley, and Hope stay across the street in the newly abandoned apartment that has a convenient window where Klaus can spy on their little family. This is a good thing since he won’t be allowed in the apartment. The lease will be in Jackson’s name.

Elijah isn’t the only one cleaning up messes. Davina attends the burial service of the 11 witches. After earlier offering the families a place under her protection, one of the witches’ sons approaches Davina. She warmly smiles, ready to take him in, only to find that he suspects her of foul play and promises to “erase” her from existence. 

So Davina has to figure out how to keep a civil war from breaking out on the witch end, Cami has to keep Detective Kinney from finding out all of her supernatural secrets, and Klaus has to consider the truth behind Lucien’s warnings. Since he drank from the girl who gave the prophecy in the first place, all Freya needs is a few gallons of his blood to see if what she said is true. As it turns out, Freya believes that there is a terrible shadow over her brothers and Rebekah. They will all fall: one by friend, one by foe, and one by family. Someone call your darling sister. It’s time for the Mikaelsons to stand united again.

Who do you think will be the biggest threat? Is it Tristan, who knows his way around a sword and has an endless supply of monks he can tell what to do? Or is it Aurora, who appears to be on the short end of crazy? And what souvenir will Tristan bring his sister back from New Orleans? Here’s hoping is something more exciting than a Bourbon Street T-shirt.