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The Originals recap: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Lucien and Aurora scheme to get Tristan back, but things get complicated

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Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

One of my favorite things about The Originals is that we are dealing with supernatural creatures who can live forever, who can die and come back to life, and who survive on human blood. They have super-human abilities. And because of that, every bit of drama is heightened, made less realistic just by its very nature. And yet, everything these creatures do is motivated from an utterly human emotion, whether that be love, loyalty, hatred, revenge. In fact, because these creatures feel more powerfully than regular humans, them being supernatural somehow grounds the show even deeper in that sense of humanity. It shouldn’t make sense, but it does. And it’s what makes this drama so impactful.

Act One: If You Wanna Be My Lover

We kick off the hour with Lucien offering Aurora a new chapter in life. If she takes the serum, she too will become lethal to the Mikaelson family. All she has to do is join Lucien and she will get his “undying love and all the revenge you could desire.” Her one condition? Lucien has to find a way to free Tristan. Lucien agrees. He will either retrieve Tristan or kill Elijah — which would kill Tristan and free him from his suffering — by end of day.

Of course that’s assuming that Freya doesn’t figure out how to kill Lucien first. She’s working on a sigil back at the compound when we get our Elijah Moment of the Week. With one line about Lucien, this man wins my heart. As he puts it, “How do we demolish that rodent?”

Sadly, Freya doesn’t have an answer just yet, and with the ancestors going after Kol, Davina takes her man out on a date to the Saint James infirmary. The city’s in the middle of a music festival and considering that no magic will work at Saint James, Davina thinks it’s the perfect chance for them to get away. Only, it’s not going to be as romantic when she lets Vincent interrogate her boyfriend. But hey, he’s trying to help with the whole ancestor situation.

Elsewhere, Klaus goes and checks in on Cami, who has put the lease to her apartment in her neighbor’s name and promises not to invite anyone in, Klaus included. Cami offers her condolences for losing Finn before Klaus heads outside and gets a taste of just how powerful Lucien, the Super Original, really is. When Klaus tries to use Papa Tunde’s knife on Lucien, Lucien breaks Klaus’ wrist and puts the blade in Klaus’ chest. It seems Klaus is going to serve as bait so that Lucien can get his hands on Elijah.

Cami, having witnessed the entire thing, heads straight to the compound when Elijah gets a message to meet Lucien … alone. Hayley tries to stop him — after all, they just put the house in Freya’s name to make sure no one could get to them — but Elijah has to save his brother. Understanding, Hayley simply asks that Elijah be careful.

Back at Lucien’s penthouse, Klaus is chained up with the help of some Egyptian woodwork that nothing supernatural can escape. (See, Lucien really has been planning this for centuries.) Lucien then leaves Aurora alone with Klaus as he heads off to meet Elijah, but not before he dances with her? I’m not sure what just happened, but I loved it.

Act Two: Mind Games

Alone with Aurora, Klaus does his best to get inside her head and convince her that he didn’t kill her because he “still had hopes” for their relationship. As he so elegantly puts it, “We are flames in the darkness of each other’s worlds. We burn brighter together than we ever did alone.” He offers to forgive her if she’ll extend the same courtesy back to him. But she sees through his failed seduction.

As for what she thinks of Lucien, he’s nothing more than a “means to an end” to her. Why not let him save her brother, right? And with that, Aurora downs the serum.

So while Elijah and Lucien discuss exchanging one brother for another — Tristan for Klaus — Aurora contemplates just how she should die. After all, dying is the last step in activating the Super Original serum. But when Klaus informs her that becoming his better will only enhance her misery — she’s never been able to escape her madness — he starts to get to her. He tells her, “I may die by day’s end, but you will live forever — unloved, pathetic.” She’ll be “unable to end despair.”

Sick of listening to him talk, she stakes him in the throat. Thankfully, Cami and Hayley are right outside planning their rescue mission.

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