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The Originals recap: Behind the Black Horizon

Finn and Elijah head to Mystic Falls where they come face-to-face with the thing that could kill them

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Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
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Ever since the Originals showed up on the second season of The Vampire Diaries, we’ve been living under this notion that they are the biggest, baddest beings out there. Aside from White Oak, nothing can kill them. They are the first vampires, and therefore, the most powerful. Well, all of that might’ve just changed.

Act One: Lucien’s Plan

Marching Freya and Vincent into the woods of Mystic Falls at the very location where Esther once turned her children into vampires, Lucien reveals that he has to plan. And no, it’s not become an Original à la Alaric in TVD season 3. He claims he has a spell that will make him a bit of an upgrade, an Original 2.0, if you will.

Back in New Orleans, Davina senses something is off when Vincent stands her up at Saint James Infirmary. Once there, she finds his phone, on which he’s recorded a video updating her on everything. He also tells her that their best chance of finding them is for her to use the link between Finn and Vincent to track Vincent.

At the compound, Kol is busy hating everyone while Davina offers to take Finn’s blood and do the spell. Finn and Elijah will then head off to see if they can track down Lucien. So while Finn and Elijah climb into Elijah’s oh-so-sleek Porsche, which OF COURSE he drives — Davina tracks Vincent to Northern Virginia. But when she can’t get more specific than that, Kol realizes exactly where Lucien is taking Freya. And yet, because they still need to amplify the connection between Finn and Vincent, Kol and Davina head off to retrieve one of Kol’s dark objects from Cami.

In the woods of Mystic Falls, Lucien bites Freya in order to use (an awful lot of) her blood for the spell. After adding one final unknown ingredient, Lucien then hands Vincent Esther’s original spell … literally. And although Vincent tries to resist, the ancestors force him to start work on the spell.

While Vincent works, Lucien — and his fantastic hair — fills Freya in on his motives. It seems he hasn’t exactly gotten over the 100 or so years he spent compelled to believe he was Klaus Mikaelson, not to mention losing Aurora. As he puts it, he “decided to become in flesh what I have always been — their better.” He’s spent all these years figuring out exactly how to meet that goal. And when he discovered the prophecy, he knew it was true, because “I was its living embodiment. It is my rise that shall be their downfall.”

Is it awful that I’ve never been more attracted to Lucien than in this moment? I’m fine with it.

Act Two: Matt’s Mystic Falls

In a great moment of humor for the show, Elijah and Finn speed their way into Mystic Falls only to be stopped at the train tracks. And when Finn can’t seem to wait for a train to pass, Elijah points out the irony that Finn is the impatient one. As he puts it, “900 years in a box and zero patience.”

In that moment, Finn decides to educate his little brother on the difference between being daggered for decades and being daggered for centuries. It turns out, Finn didn’t spend 900 years sleeping. As time went on, he started to be able to feel his paralyzation and the utter loneliness that made time seem endless.

Once they park the car, Elijah tries to explain to Finn why they daggered him. “You were a danger. You despised us. You despised yourself.” Elijah claims that Finn’s fear of what they’d become was the very thing that threatened their survival, and that’s why he’s continued to be a threat to them every time he’s made it out of the box. But Finn does some explaining of his own: That box made him that way. Every time he closes his eyes, he goes back “to that black horizon,” the place where he was abandoned by his family. “So yeah, I came out mad and I remain so.” Well, it’s hard to argue with that.

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