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The Originals recap: Alone With Everybody

Finn’s return forces Elijah to make a deadly decision

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

Never has one bullet caused so much drama. Okay, that’s probably not true. But never has one UNUSED bullet caused so much drama as the final piece of White Oak. And this week, with Klaus on the run and the return of Finn, that very bullet dictated every move made by, well, everyone. Let’s get to it!

Act One: A Staycation

For the first time ever, our Elijah Moment of the Week happens in the first minute of the episode as Elijah is enjoying his evening playing piano at a bar. Sadly, his moment is cut short when he overhears some stranger talk about killing Klaus. Naturally, Elijah follows the man out of the club … until Marcel stops him. It seems the Strix are now Elijah’s personal security and with that in mind, Marcel sends Elijah home while the Strix try to track down the last remaining White Oak bullet.

Spoiler: Vincent has it. At least until some mysterious blond vampire shows up, bites Vincent, and takes it. Furthermore, she claims that she’s just a “hired gun.” And as such, her next move is to set up an auction on the dark web, Scandal-style. But instead of selling Olivia Pope, they’re selling a bullet.

Josh, proving his worth as a man of modern times, is the one to tell Marcel about the auction and when Vincent confirms it’s real, Elijah leaves it up to Marcel to get the bullet. In the meantime, Elijah, Kol, Finn, and Freya are all trapped at the compound. It simply isn’t safe to leave. 

While Lucien tries to win over Freya, Kol updates Elijah on his revenge plan for Finn. After all, “He didn’t just drop a bloody vase! He murdered me!” (Kol does have a point.)

Wait, I take that back. I just saw Finn and GOOD LORD has that pendant been good to him. Heck, I’ll spend a few months in there if I come out looking like that. Bottom line: Finn is back and hotter than ever!

However, Kol isn’t nearly as excited about Finn’s new look. He very quickly starts a fight with his brother, one which Lucien — and ultimately, Elijah — interrupts. Elijah informs them all that they’ll be staying at the compound for now, because nothing says family bonding like a staycation.

Act Two: On the Road

While Elijah tries to keep his brothers from killing each other, Klaus finds himself on the run with Hayley, who has a plan for where they can hide out. The great news? It involves forcing Klaus to wear a trucker hat that says “Mother Trucker” on it in order to blend in. Yep, I love this plan already.

Hayley takes Klaus and Hope to a bar where she apparently used to spend her days drinking tequila, throwing darts, and dancing on the bar. There, her buddy Hollis updates her on the werewolf situation in the area. It seems there’s not much of a pack left. And while Klaus complains about just about everything — “never underestimate the allure of indoor plumbing” — Hayley finds out that a young girl she used to babysit just triggered her werewolf curse.

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