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The Originals recap: 'Live and Let Die'

Klaus finally comes face-to-face with his father, and Esther sets her sights on Elijah.

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The Originals Recap
Guy D'Alema/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

If season 1 of The Originals was a battle of the species, then season 2 is a battle of the species on steroids, because this time, every team has an Original on its side, and it’s only making things more intense. But with that in mind, the show still manages to keep up its lighter side, what with Josh finding his first love interest via a dating app and Klaus and Cami’s bar crawl. Basically, this show has really come into its own this season, and this week was no exception.

Act One: Preparing for Battle

We pick up at Marcel’s warehouse, where Gia is honing her vampire reflexes and Josh is perfecting his dating profile. And yes, under things he spends a lot of time thinking about, he put “The Loch Ness Monster.” And with that, The Originals wins the best euphemism of the week.

But you know who doesn’t appreciate a good euphemism? The new werewolf leader in town. Viewers, meet Aiden and his pack of wolves. They’ve come to Marcel’s on behalf of Esther, who has decided that the vamps have to find a new home even farther from the city. It’s not an idea that Marcel’s a fan of, so instead of giving his people a lesson in efficient packing, he decides to give them one in efficient killing. Well, he tries to, but when Elijah enters, it’s evident that he’s the real Mr. Miyagi of the group.

In our Elijah Moment of the Week, Elijah breaks two necks before we even realize he’s in the room. Battle lesson one: Always be on your guard.

It’s a sentiment that Mikael repeats to Davina when he begins training her on how to fight. Let me back up: Davina has relocated Mikael to a cabin out in the woods in order to keep him hidden. But once Mikael—in his super tight black tank—gives her a speech about how her magic will only ever get her halfway, she asks him to teach her how to be strong. So after carving his family crest into a staff, he gives one to Davina and quickly helps her twist her ankle. But don’t worry, because it’s all part of his lesson plan. Turns out the most important lesson of being strong is the ability to endure pain.

It’s a lesson all of Mikael’s children know well, but currently, Finn is less worried about physical pain and more worried about psychological pain—Cami’s to be specific. Just as Cami starts to spill her worries to Finn’s cheekbones her college adviser, he asks her to dig deeper. Apparently, in New Orleans, you tell your college adviser everything, down to the fact that you had a love triangle with two “unique” guys—one with abs for days and one with “goodness in him.” In other words, Marcel is hot and she loved Klaus, even though he didn’t want to be saved.

But maybe there’s hope for him yet. That is, if you count his crooked smile toward Cami as a good sign. Then again, he’s only smiling at her to listen in on her phone conversation with Davina and figure out where the little witch is hiding. Spoiler: Thanks to his super-hearing, it works.

Act Two: The Blood Moon

While Cami tries to protect Davina from Klaus, new wolf Aiden tries to protect his brother from Finn. As luck would have it, tonight is the Blood Moon, which means Finn has found a bunch of unturned wolves—a.k.a. children—and tonight, he’s going to have them each kill an uncooperative human and activate their curse. Only, when Aiden’s brother is one of the children chosen, he heads to Hayley… who heads to Elijah.

Out at Marcel’s, Elijah is busy training Gia on the rhythm of fighting (and flirting). Elijah gem: “As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl.” But just as Gia gets her hand on Elijah’s (literal) heart, Hayley interrupts their rather intense chemistry with Aiden’s request. And with the first mention of children, the vamps and wolves agree to team up to thwart Finn’s plan.

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