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'The Originals' recap: 'City Beneath the Sea'

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

Talk about a deadly alliance … by the end of tonight’s episode, Klaus had done the unimaginable: He’d teamed up with Dahlia in order to take his daughter away from everyone she loves. And in doing so, Klaus had agreed to kill Hayley (and any/all of his siblings if it comes to that). In other words, if you thought Klaus’ road to redemption would be without its bumps, you were so very wrong.

Act One: Remember when…

With Klaus daggered, Dahlia is able to get inside his head. Or rather, she allows him inside of hers as she transports him down a quite literal memory lane. Transporting Klaus back to the time that the Vikings massacred her village and took Esther and Dahlia captive, Dahlia tries to prove that she and Klaus aren’t all that different. For starters, they both say “always and forever” to their siblings.

Secondly, both Klaus and Dahlia know what it’s like to be betrayed by siblings. For Klaus, that betrayal comes in the form of a dagger in his heart. But for Dahlia, it came in the form of something much worse—marriage. In Dahlia’s memory, we watch as Esther—who’s apparently a hippie—experiences the joys of hope and love while Dahlia slaves away, performing the dark magic requested by the Vikings. And when Esther tells Dahlia that she wants to abandon her sister to marry one of the Vikings who killed their family, Dahlia cannot believe her sister’s betrayal. (To be fair, had Dahlia at least seen Mikael? It’s not like Esther was leaving her for an ugly murderous Viking, am I right?)

Unfortunately for Dahlia, Esther’s cruelty does not come as a surprise to Klaus. After all, it runs in the family. But that just brings Dahlia to her third point in this whole “why we should be allies” argument: Both Dahlia and Klaus were unjustly painted as the villains of the story. (Says the woman who’s literally running her hands through blood to make this spell work.)

At this point, Klaus seems intrigued, but he still needs more. Why should he let his daughter live a life in captivity with Dahlia? Well, she has an answer for that, too. In another flashback, we see a young Freya struggling to control her magic. According to Dahlia, first-born witches in their family possess “devastating power.” And because of Hope’s vampire and werewolf sides, she will suffer even more than Freya. Without Dahlia, Hope’s power will grow unchecked until she devastates the city and beyond. Dahlia, being a first-born herself, is the only one who can help.

So how does Klaus fit in? Well, Dahlia is one to learn from her mistakes, and with Freya, her biggest mistake was keeping Freya from the love of a parent. So she asks Klaus to join her and Hope in creating some weird, very non-traditional family structure. The only catch is that, in order to live in peace, Hayley will have to die (or else she’ll never stop coming after them).

With that, Dahlia blows some dust in Klaus’ face, which causes him to wake up in present day and pull the dagger out of his chest.

Act Two: Whom do you trust?

While Klaus hangs out in Dahlia’s head, Freya catches Elijah up on her plan: She’s going to use all of the ingredients needed to take down Dahlia to create a killing ground. Once Dahlia enters, she’ll be rendered mortal. Now for the kicker: Freya wants to use Hope as bait.

Elijah, who’s beginning to think Klaus was right in not trusting Freya, heads to Cami to find out the truth about Klaus’ not killing Aiden. But he doesn’t have time for that now. (Neither does he have time for Cami’s feelings for Klaus.) Instead, he tells her to grab some dark objects. Together, the two of them head to the jazz club, where Vincent is already working on a spell to unlink Rebekah from the teenage witches.

Elijah plans to use the dark objects as a decoy for Dahlia—instead of using Hope as bait—but when Vincent says he wants nothing more to do with magic, Cami calls Davina. Together, Davina, Rebekah, and Cami come up with the idea of using a golem. If they can replicate Hope’s power source and transfer it to a doll, they could fool Dahlia.

Correction: That’s an awful plan. When Vincent runs into Cami on a coffee run, Vincent tells them that the decoy needs to have a heartbeat if they’re going to have any hope of fooling Dahlia.

With that, Elijah sends Freya to the compound to channel Mikael’s ashes, while he heads to the bayou to gather baby Hope.

NEXT: Hayley picks a family


Act Three: Once a Mikaelson…

In the bayou, where Jackson and Hayley have been sharing stories of being angry children when they’re not busy planning Aiden’s funeral, Elijah makes the sort of entrance only Elijah can. In our Elijah Moment of the Week, Elijah catches an arrow and a hatchet before Jackson punches him, only to have Eiljah smirk up at him in amusement. There is no one in the world who can pull off the “Was that supposed to hurt?” look better than Elijah.

But Jackson is quick to inform Elijah that he can’t kill him if Elijah still wishes to one day take his place next to Hayley. Oh yeah, Jackson just went there. But before Elijah can respond, Hayley shows up. Elijah, getting down to business, asks for some of Hope’s blood, and Hayley agrees. But Elijah mentioning the fact that Hayley will be able to come home soon makes Jackson realize something.

Once on their own, Jackson tells Hayley that he can’t return to the compound. He can’t live under Klaus’ roof and still be the alpha that his pack deserves. So if the Mikaelsons are her family, he needs to protect his own. He then gives Hayley time to think it over, but moments later, she appears at Aiden’s funeral and kisses her husband. She doesn’t need time. She spent her entire life looking for her family, and now she’s found it—Jackson and the pack are her family.

Just then, Josh shows up as they all prepare to say goodbye to our beloved, oh-so-pretty Aiden. May he rest in peace.

Back at the compound, Elijah returns and makes Freya promise that Hope won’t get hurt in her plan. And when she does, Elijah surprises Freya by injecting her with Hope’s blood. Suddenly, it’s a good thing Hope wasn’t going to get hurt, because Elijah just turned Freya into Hope/the bait. Oh, snap.

After giving Freya a nice little dose—get it?—of what it’s like to be a Mikaelson, Elijah goes to Rebekah to listen to a voicemail from Hayley. Now (secretly) undaggered, Klaus also listens in as Hayley explains that she and Hope can’t be part of their family anymore. Thanks to Klaus’ 1,000 years worth of enemies, Hayley no longer wants Hope to be a Mikaelson, because she doesn’t deserve the pain the comes with that name. And even Rebekah can see that Hayley is right.

Klaus, on the other hand, disagrees, and he quickly heads to meet up with Dahlia. According to Klaus, he never cared for Hayley, so killing her should be totes NBD. As for the rest of his siblings? “They have more than earned everything that is to come.” (Okay, calm down, Klaus.)

As for right now, Dahlia prevents Jackson and Hayley from running further by creating a storm. Literally. She just swirled around some blood and changed the weather. The weather. Who needs X-Men when you’ve got Dahlia, am I right?

The only other important development we should touch on: After Josephine LaRue’s death, the covens are looking for a new leader and they want Vincent. But Vincent is so over magic. Instead, he’d like to present them with an alternative option—Davina. And if she were to accept, she might finally be able to channel the amount of power one might need to, I don’t know, resurrect a sexy Original sibling. So whaddaya say, kid?

All in all, tonight’s hour beautifully set up the drama to come. I love this show for even presenting the idea that being a Mikaelson could be the problem when really, that’s all this show’s about. It never forgets that these are flawed beings, and yet, that’s what makes them so undeniable. And don’t get me started on the powerhouse that is Claudia Black. At this point, I’m hoping Dahlia lives forever.