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'The Originals' recap: 'Night Has a Thousand Eyes'

Dahlia’s arrival in New Orleans results in the loss of an Original family member.

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Tina Rowden/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
The CW
Drama, Fantasy

Tonight was the hour we’ve been waiting for all season: Dahlia arrived in New Orleans, and she did not disappoint. Not only did she make defeating Klaus and Mikael look like child’s play, but she slit Josephine’s throat with a violin bow. So there’s that.

But here’s the thing: As great as her arrival was, this episode worries me in that I’m scared that the show just made its first big mistake. In the hour’s final moments, Klaus killed Mikael. And because the Other Side no longer exists, we can only assume that this was Mikael’s official goodbye. And for me, this show has never fully used Mikael to his potential. There’s still so much left to explore with all of his children, not to mention the acting treasure that is Sebastian Roché. To finally bring him back, give him a hilarious hour teaming up with Klaus, and then kill him again makes it feel like they’re not properly utilizing neither the great character of Mikael nor the great talent of Roché.

But before we get to his death, let’s enjoy Mikael’s final hour (in present day, at least):

Act One: New Orleans, meet Dahlia

Out for an afternoon stroll with Hope, Hayley and Jackson are enjoying all that the streets of New Orleans have to offer when Hayley starts to notice that everyone seems to be watching her. And by the time a random flower man offers them a “black dahlia,” it’s evident that Dahlia’s in town and ready to play. And when Jackson’s eyes go white, Dahlia uses him as her vessel, informing Hayley and Klaus—who has shown up in a hurry—that she’s “everywhere,” and she intends to “take what is mine.” (Looking at you, Hope.)

So how did Dahlia take over Jackson? As Freya explains it, she uses proxies to spy on her enemies from afar. Thankfully, Freya has concocted a tea that will keep her out of all of their heads. But once tea time is over, they’re going to need a plan. And here’s where you see the difference between siblings: Elijah wants to create a sanctuary in which to hide. Freya wants to use Jackson to trace Dahlia’s magic back to her. And Klaus, being Klaus, wants to murder Dahlia … like, now.

With everyone carrying out their plans, Klaus heads to Davina for help. And in exchange for Kol’s ashes—she’s still determined to bring him back, bless her—she agrees to help Klaus find Mikael. Yes, you read that correctly. Klaus wants Mikael’s help. This should be fun.

Elsewhere, shirtless Josh and shirtless Aiden are enjoying all that love and shirtlessness have to offer when Klaus calls and tells Aiden to get to the compound to be his eyes and ears.

Speaking of the compound, that’s where Jackson is pitching Hayley his latest defeat-Dahlia strategy: Basically, his defeat-Dahlia strategy is more of a run-from-Dahlia strategy. He wants to take Hayley and Hope and escape to the bayou—get back on home turf, if you will. But Hayley’s hesitant.

While Hayley thinks it over, Jackson heads downstairs to allow Freya to use him to find Dahlia. But when Freya channels Rebekah to do the spell, Rebekah discovers that Dahlia is so powerful because she’s channeling Freya. Freya claims that she had no idea it was happening, but regardless, Rebekah asks her to leave.

And within minutes of being alone on the streets of New Orleans, Freya comes face-to-face with her least favorite aunt, who is as creepy as she is stunningly beautiful. I mean, she just froze an entire town by barely moving her hand. (And her hair looks great.) Yeah, I officially want to be her.