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'The Originals' recap: 'The Devil Is Damned'

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Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The Originals

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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt
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So to sum up this hour: Elijah’s still got it, Kol just wants to be loved, and Baby Hope is a complete and total badass. At this point, I’d like to see Dahlia show up and try to take Hope. Okay, maybe not quite yet, but you have to admit that’s a pretty impressive baby. Then again, I’d expect nothing less from the Mikaelson family, who explored all of their dysfunction this week, from their ability to forgive to their ability to straight-up murder one another.

Act One: Freya and Finn, together again

When Finn tries to use voodoo (?) to find Baby Hope—and fails—he quickly gets some help from older sister Freya, who tells him all about how she’s still alive. Apparently Dahlia cast a spell that makes her sleep for a century and then wake for a year … over and over again. At first, it was a way for them to stay young—the second best thing to immortality—but then it became too much. According to Freya, Dahlia doesn’t just live. She hunts, and that’s why Freya left her and has been running ever since. Much like Mikael, Dahlia sees any act of betrayal as something that’s punishable by death. But when Finn tells Freya of Klaus’ daughter, she agrees to use her much stronger magic to help Finn find the baby. As she puts it, sometimes you have to “let some things die so others might live.”

Over at the compound, Rebekah is updating Klaus and Elijah on the Freya of it all when Kol enters with his predicament: He’s dying. Oh and also, Finn is using Marcel to try and discover Klaus’ deepest darkest secret. Of course, this gives Klaus the idea to use the spell that Finn used on Kol against him. If they can lock Finn in his body, Klaus can kill him once and for all. But here’s the trick: Kol doesn’t remember the spell—he was a little distracted by the murder-y part—so Klaus decides to pull it from his brother’s brain. However, what he sees instead of the spell is Kol’s plan to create a dagger to take down Klaus.

As expected at this point, Klaus lets his temper get the best of him, and within minutes, Kol drops both Bekah and Klaus using magic and walks away from the always-and-forever sibling circle that he’s never been able to penetrate. In this moment, even Rebekah—who’s in a stranger’s body thanks to the guy—seems to be on Team Kol.

Out at the safe house, Elijah is busy doing dishes, cooking, and just generally being dreamy when Baby Hope has a little accident and scratches her head. Elijah instantly has flashes of the red door but is able to pull himself back. It’s something he and Cami have been working on. And the next step in the process? He gets a honey-do list. In other words, he is handed a list of tasks to do around the house. Think “mend the home, mend the man”—or something.

So while Elijah focuses on woodwork and other manly things, Jackson does the same… but because he, you know, wants to. In the bayou, he’s busy explaining wolf traditions to Hayley—like how super horny couples could “jump the broom,” otherwise known as “have sex before marriage” if they wanted. Also, if that smile didn’t get you, the man is building Hope a crib with the crescent moon carved into it. And finally, he tells Hayley that wolves from outside Louisiana have decided to come to town and recognize Jackson as their alpha in order to be a part of the ceremony. To sum things up, he looks like that, builds cribs, and builds armies to protect Hope. Yeah, I’d have married him like yesterday.

Act Two: Blood ties

With Finn now more determined to find Hope, he asks Marcel for help. And when Marcel refuses, he stakes one of his vampires and then uses magic to rip another one’s heart from his chest… from across the room. That right there rivals Elijah’s heart-removal tactics, am I right? Marcel certainly thinks so, which is probably why he agrees to help Finn get some of Hayley’s blood.

Heading out to the bayou, Marcel immediately tells Hayley the truth: Finn wants her blood in order to find Hope. Suddenly, Hayley’s day of swooning over Jackson as he plays with 15 kids at once turns into a day full of worrying about her daughter and stopping Marcel’s hungry vampires from ruining the ceremony that merges all of the old packs into one.

With Marcel on the hunt for Hayley’s blood, Finn calls Kol at just the right time–the poor guy is in tears over how much Klaus doesn’t seem to care about him. Finn then promises to reverse the spell that’s killing Kol if he supplies Finn with Klaus’ blood. Kol agrees, storming back to the compound, taking down Rebekah, and confronting Klaus in what might be my favorite scene between these two.

Kol tells his big brother that he is not the villain in this chapter of their family’s story. He is simply the wronged one, the dead one who is never mourned. But Klaus isn’t having it. He’s not going to listen to Kol talk about how he’s singled out any longer… but he’s also not going to kill him.

You gotta love how Kol’s complaint about being repeatedly daggered was met with a very honest, “I’ve daggered all of you!” from Klaus. But at the end of the day, Klaus tells Kol that, “You are a Mikaelson. You’re my blood and I need you. I need you by my side.” Asking Kol to prove himself worthy of his secrets, Klaus helps his brother up and Kol tells him that Finn had requested his blood. Kol then informs Klaus that he was hexed, and Kol is smart enough to know that it can’t be reversed, which makes Finn both a murderer and a liar. For now, Kol tells them where to find Finn and then lets Klaus inside his head to find the spell that will lock Finn in his body.

While Elijah builds a fence IN A SUIT, Kol, Klaus, and Rebekah head out to meet Finn. But by the time they get to the bell tower, they find a symbol that means “baby.” In that moment, Klaus realizes that the whole “hunt for blood” was a fakeout. Finn has known Hope’s location all along. And right about now, he’s coming face-to-face with Elijah.

NEXT: This brotherhood is on fire


Act Three: Burn it to the ground

At the safe house, Finn finds Elijah in the barn, where he informs him that apparently, Freya isn’t Elijah’s biggest fan? But like, why? Does she even know him? Has she seen him in a suit? Yep, Freya just went down a notch in my book… and Finn is quick to follow when he puts an ax in Elijah’s back and then stakes him with a shovel, all the while telling him that he and Klaus are not part of their family that can still be saved. Honestly Finn, how dare you. Show Elijah at least a little respect.

So with Elijah out—but only temporarily—Kol comes up with a plan to make Finn so powerful that he all but disentegrates and is forced to jump bodies into someone who isn’t anywhere near Hope. After Rebekah informs him that this is the side of him that she likes, he channels her (along with a few dark objects courtesy of Klaus). But when they’re not strong enough, Klaus puts his full faith in Kol by allowing his brother to use Papa Tunde’s knife to knock him out and channel him. It works, but only after Elijah wakes up and puts a knife in Finn’s gut. Finn fights back, causing Elijah to get his hands dirty and have another PTSD episode, but by the time Kol and Rebekah are done, Finn is weakened back to his normal fighting power.

By breaking Finn’s spell, Kol also helps cure all of the super-hungry vamps who spent the last 10 minutes terrorizing the bayou. It’s a victory, but it’s made Hayley realize something: She and Jackson have to get married as soon as possible.

Kol’s spell also made Rebekah realize something: How much she loves her brothers. She vows not to let Kol die. Whatever it takes. (Bless you, Rebekah!)

When Klaus wakes back up, he’s reminded of the thing Elijah always says: “Family is power.” Speaking of Elijah, he’s busy having an episode while Finn goes on and on about Tatia and how untidiness is the undoing of his beautiful brother. (Okay, I added the “beautiful” part.)

All the while Finn is talking, Cami is driving Hope back from the Farmer’s Market. After Hope already showed signs of supernatural healing, Cami’s car shuts off just before they reach the house. But why?

Well, inside the house we learn that Eljah isn’t having an episode at all. Rather, in the Elijah Moment of the Week, he was letting Finn run his mouth while the broken gas pipe infiltrated every part of the house. “You have disgraced this family for the last time,” Elijah tells Finn, before removing his daylight ring, catching his arm on fire and effectively blowing up the house with Finn (and himself?) inside.

Out in the driveway, Baby Hope then starts the car again. No big deal, she just had to let uncle Elijah do his thing because she’s clearly psychic and awesome and whatever else. As for Elijah, he’ll be fine. We know he can’t die. But surely they didn’t just kill Finn, right? Not only is Yusuf Gatewood a series regular now, but I was really looking forward to (hopefully) watching him work his way back into the family. Although don’t get me wrong, he needs to get on board with Elijah before we can officially be friends.

So there you have it: Another week, another supernatural mystery. Only this time, it comes in a tiny adorable package. Any questions?