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The Office recap: 'Spooked' Halloween party

Erin attempts to throw an edgy Halloween party for Dunder Mifflin

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The Office
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The Office

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No offense to Christmas, but it was the most wonderful day of the year last night on The Office, and the Dunder Mifflin crew sure knew how to rock Halloween. Perhaps in a nod to holidays past (doubling up on Santas, Yankee Swap, Meredith Palmer…Do I really need to continue?) new boss Andy took a cue from mishaps under former management and wanted to pre-approve all costumes. He just had three simple rules: “Don’t be offensive, don’t be cliché, and don’t take the first two rules too seriously.” Add in an ear-to-ear grin and you could tell just how eager Andy was to oversee his first holiday.

Kevin’s gorilla suit — spoiler alert! — got approved, whereas Phyllis’ sexy bunny was denied. (I’d like to take this moment to give a friendly Halloween PSA: Please don’t go as a sexy animal. Ever.) Kelly and Meredith both wanted to go as bride Kate Middleton, which was brilliant. I actually had kind of forgotten that the Duchess is totally going to be a big costume this year, and while Kelly would obviously want to go as her, Meredith knocked Creed out as the biggest creep in the office with her “You’re the people’s princess. Diana was nothing!” Live From Buckingham Palace cell phone video, as well as her TMI confessional to the camera.

For the party this year, the Party Planning Committee was upstaged by Andy’s request that Erin (dressed as Wendy), plan the soiree.  Erin and Andy’s romantic tension was great. “When they talk about dating a coworker, they don’t talk about one of the best parts. After you’re done dating, you still get to work together. Every day.” Erin’s slow facial change from her usual upbeat self to misery was perfect. I’m kind of over their on-again, off-again plot that’s been going on forever, but if the writers decide to explore her dealing with Andy’s new girlfriend (31 dates!) I could definitely get on board with that.

Erin planned on throwing an innocent party, but a text from Robert — “Looking forward to Halloween party. Expectations are high” — scared the s**t out of Andy, who asked Erin to mix in a little 13 with the PG. Naturally, she went to Gabe. Two things that should never be used in the same sentence: Gabe and extra pizzazz.

Andy should never have doubted that this crew would bring the 13 R to the PG themselves, and between Oscar’s Oscar Liar Weiner costume — complete with a cell phone on his crotch — and Erin’s way-too-much-too-soon “Pecker poker: It’s the game of cards that gets you hard,” the party definitely reached some Dunder Mifflin-only levels. Which obviously led to a meeting in Andy’s office between Erin, Andy and Robert (but just pretend he isn’t there!).

NEXT: Pam’s got ghost fears. Plus best lines of the night!