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The Office season finale recap: Team (and Family) Building

Michael reconnects with Holly and Pam and Jim get exciting news when the paper pushers head outside for a company picnic

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The Office
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The Office

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Well, well, well. Another Office finale, another Jim and Pam, uh, development. I…have some mixed feelings about the end of the episode, but let’s get there when we get there. To the ”Company Picnic” we go!

We opened on a dimmed office, with Erin whispering into the phone. Michael, perhaps emotionally eating, had downed an entire family-size chicken pot pie and was zonked out. I like to call this the ”post-lunch funk,” and I think it’s a battle we’ve all fought. Anyway, Michael was passed out, so Jim and Pam — with the noble aid of Dwight — switched the clocks in the office (and Michael’s watch…and the clock in his car) to convince Michael it was quittin’ time. He completely fell for it, and everyone at the Scranton branch got a half day. The Dwight/Jim joint good-natured antagonism here planted the seed that these two have, in their own way, gotten back together. Reunited and it feel so goooood.

After the shortened credits, we learned that it was company picnic day. Wherefore art thou, pretzel day? Jim and Pam admitted that they didn’t really want to be there, especially because Pam got hit on last year. Dwight and his BFF Rolf strategized about SPF/bug spray weirdness. And then Michael and Holly awkwardly saw each other — and it got even more awkward when she reintroduced Michael to her boyfriend A.J.

”I lied to Kevin,” Michael confessionalized. ”Holly and I can never be just friends.” He said that they’re soulmates (and from where this recapper is sitting…truth), and that he’s made a list of bullet points to woo her back. Should the perfect moment arise, he’d be on it.

Speaking of awkward and moments, Jim and Pam ran into, dun dun duuuuuun, Charles! Even in that short interaction, he zinged them by saying ”Must be nice to get a rest from all your rest.” Sure, he’s not the boss at DM Scranton anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put you down.

Dwight, hat firmly affixed to his head, sort of pep-talked the company volleyball team. Andy asked to be placed near Erin, which Dwight, of course, misinterpreted as volleyball aggression instead of would-be smooching. Uh, where was Kelly?!

Michael feebly explained his ”chair pants” idea, which Holly recalled fondly, and oblivious A.J. requested a pair in a 34 waist. ”Aaaaalllright, fatty,” Michael replied, and between this, the pot pie, and Ryan’s disordered eating, I can’t help but think that this is something of a theme. Not really…but sort of, at least a little. Food issues! Michael and Holly headed off to rehearse their bit about the company’s history.

Andy was, predictably, taking the volleyball game a liiiiittle too seriously. Aw, I miss crazy angry Andy. The DM team was just not in the mood to bump/set/spike, until Dwight lamely delivered another not-really-a-pep talk. But all was not lost because it turns out that our beloved Ms. Beesley is an accomplished volleyball player. She admitted that she played in middle and high school, and adds that she ”went to volleyball camp most summahs!” Hee.

Michael continued to woo Holly. He brought chocolate-covered strawberries as a snack, and they bantered playfully and terribly as only they do. They planned their sketch.

Back on the court, Phyllis had had enough of playing volleyball, and Meredith got subbed in. Meredith was wearing tight shorts, cowboy boots, and had her shirt looped through the neck so it was a belly-baring monstrosity. It was, after all, another ”casual day.” Rolf knowledgeably shamed Angela, and the Scranton team advanced to play against the corporate team in the finals. Dwight looked on protectively.

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