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The Office recap: Pass Fail

Love is in the air: Andy makes an unsuccessful play for Angela, and even Meredith and Darryl are feeling frisky; meanwhile, Michael gets snubbed by Ryan

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Chris Haston

The Office

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Let me start, my Office mates, by asking: How could Angela leave Andy hanging like that? I had become so accustomed to the warm-and-fuzzy, romance-addled Angela that I forgot she could be such a cold hard beyotch. Don’t get me wrong, I still have mad love for Booster Seat, and I know she’s in mourning for Sprinkles (and maybe D himself), but how could she have not agreed to go out with Andy after that heartfelt, hysterical, and eminently rewindable rendition of ABBA’s ”Take a Chance on Me” with the speaker-phone backup singers? Instead, we got just a little smirk as she scurried away, leaving us with a hint of the future perhaps, or at least revealing that her ice-sculpture exterior may be melting due to Andy warming.

I have already fallen victim to Andy (and have been an Ed Helms booster from the start). What he lacks in fashion sense he makes up for in earnest, if sometimes overwhelming, charm. This week’s other rewindable moment belongs to him and his ”bear horn” celebration jig in response to Dwight’s victory over the website in the Great Paper Race.

Love seemed to be all around the Scranton office this week as everyone prepared for the official launch of Dunder-Mifflinfinity — not the official name of Ryan’s Internet brainchild (or Michael’s ”grand-brainchild”). Now that Ryan and Kelly seem kaput, our man from the warehouse Darryl looks like he’s stepping up for a shot, valiantly defending her from Dwight’s wrath when he discovered she was ordering paper from the website because it was fun to watch it fly into the basket on her computer monitor.

The Office has always been an ensemble show, but it’s great that we’re continuing to see new sides of all of the staffers and that the show’s producers continue to appreciate subtlety. Sure, some jokes are obvious (as in Michael’s oft-used ”That’s what she said”), but others develop slowly, like the opening of this week’s episode. Michael was giving some kind of talk about spicing up their quarterly reports, and it appeared the staff was captivated until Jim explained that they were all just watching the screen saver on the TV next to Michael bounce around like a Pong game, waiting for it to perfectly hit a corner. Other laughs you might not get until a second viewing — or until you read the TV Watch posts. I totally missed last week that Creed had used the printer ink to color his hair until I read it here. (Thanks, TV Watchers! I’m your temp writer this week and next, by the way, and you’re a tough crowd, I’ve read already. But I’m not afraid to admit it when I’ve missed a joke.)

Anyway, another example that something is in the Scranton water is that Meredith returned to work and asked Jim to sign her cast. (Her hospital stay had left her in the dark about PB&J.) He agreed because he’s nice that way, and then, in one of the night’s most cringe-worthy moments, she hoisted up her skirt to reveal plaster granny panties. Jim looked appropriately disturbed afterward, while Creed looked appropriately creepy and, of course, intrigued.

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