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The Night Manager recap: Episode 5

Corky takes a few punches, and Pine does his best Tony Stark

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Des Willie/AMC

The Night Manager

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Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman
Action, Crime, Drama

Well, that was intense. The penultimate episode of The Night Manager took us right to the brink, with an arms deal successfully arranged and an arms bust successfully thwarted, and just about every minute was charged with suspense.

Because really, how hasn’t Roper figured out that Pine is the mole?

That should be obvious at this point, right? British intelligence had the coded ledger of everyone involved in TradePass, and things started to go badly for Roper’s outfit once Pine arrived on the scene. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the new, British guy might have a connection to the operation?

Maybe that punch Pine threw as they all stormed out the hotel in Istanbul was enough to sell it, and there is the fact that the new guy probably didn’t have access to the documents that the regular crew did. From that perspective, Sandy Langbourne is a much more likely suspect. That’s where things stand when the group arrives at The Haven, Roper’s tiny kingdom, where he has his own private military stationed. This was the major setting for most of the action in the fifth episode, and it offered a nice change of pace from the stunning locales and a taste of some real life conflict.

As the series writers wove the Arab Spring into The Night Manager‘s opening, the Syrian civil war and resulting refugee crisis have a part to play in this chapter.

The Haven is located just outside a refugee camp — like, right outside. I’m talking about a distance no greater than 100 yards. The thing is right next door. You’d think that Roper would like to hide his absurdly militarized operation from the hundreds of refugees living down the block, but whatever. The proximity makes it easy to stop for black-and-white photo ops to see the media happy.

The plan is to teach Pine, now deeply entrenched in the Andrew Birch persona, the ins and outs of some serious weaponry. He isn’t the front of this operation in name alone. Birch is the active salesman. The deal does not happen unless Pine is able to thoroughly convince some bad men to buy some weapons. It’s not difficult to see the ethical quandary at the center of this episode. If Pine’s cover is to remain intact, he has to be a very active player in something very evil.

And this demonstration isn’t just a bunch of machine guns. This is some serious weaponry that makes that scene from the first Iron Man movie look like child’s play.

Suffice it to say that this is a really bad time for Burr to have lost Pine. The mole’s handler hasn’t had a hand on him since he socked a fellow agent in a very convincing manner. It was almost as if he hit the dude really hard, making it impossible to tell if he’s still on the right side or not.

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