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The Night Manager recap: Episode 4

In the best episode yet, Burr explains her nickname for Richard Roper, and it’s pretty messed up

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Des Willie//The Ink Factory/AMC

The Night Manager

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Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman
Action, Crime, Drama

Here I was thinking that tonight’s Night Manager would be just another solid hour of a pretty great spy miniseries, but I was wrong. From the quickly escalating plot to Olivia Colman’s powerhouse performance, the fourth episode of AMC’s le Carre adaptation was next level stuff, building off of a solid framework provided by the first half and setting the stage for an end game. It’s in an episode like this that we get to reap the benefits of the limited series format. Characters are evolving, actions have consequences, and the stakes are very, very high.

Andrew Birch is quickly moving up in the world. It’s taken only a matter of days for the straw man to pop into existence on passports and charge cards to owning a company worth $300 million. Not bad! And now he’s got the suits to match the new high profile. That’s a good thing too, because if this deal goes south, at least Pine will get a few suits out of it.

Thus Jonathan Pine, the man without an identity has completed his transformation to Andrew Birch, and the ladies are noticing. While the women of Spain are eyeballing the new suit, Jed can’t help but wonder who this guy is and why he was in Roper’s study. They each hold secret over the other, and it draws them together. Or, at least, I think that’s what is going on.

So Jed and Pine do it. The BBC viewers got the pleasure of #Hiddlebum, while we got a suggestive cut around, though the scene was pretty hot, lack of butt notwithstanding. While I’m not totally out on Jed & Pine (Jine? Ped?), I have to wonder what either of them is doing in this affair. Pine, as we see play out later, is willing to jeopardize the entire operation — not to mention his life — for the hookup, and Jed risks her entire lifestyle and the financial security of her son. Do they even like each other? What do they talk about? Their sexual collision feels more like narrative form filling rather than the product of them as characters.

But, hey, who are any of us to complain about a “Roper’s having a meeting” quickie?

Richard “Baddest in Da World” Roper had lots of meetings this week, because after much ado, his next big arm deal is going down. There are three ships set for an unknown destination, but only one is probably filled with weapons. Angela Burr is on the case, and that is a very big problem for some very bad people.

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The first sign that something is amiss comes when Rex Mayhew from the Foreign Office is trying to ride his bike to work. The poor old guy is just trying to do his part by saving the ozone layer one car’s world of emissions, and two unmarked vans try to run him off the road. But instead of rolling over and shutting down Limpet, Mayhew triples Burr’s budget. She must be onto something if the bad men are gunning for him.

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